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Originally Posted by Arceus Whisper View Post
@ Phantomwolf SRing on Emerald doesn't work =/
My Hunts:
Viridian Forest - 1300 REs
Dialga - 1300 SRs
Combee - 258 HBs

I decide to try to get a shiny female combee on HG by headbutting those special trees north of cerulean city. They have 65% Combee and 35% Slakoth. I'm using a male clefairy with cute charm to get more female combees.
DON'T DO IT! Cute charm makes it so that cute charm is nuked on shinies! The mechanics of the game between cute charm and shinies are sort of incompatible, so with a cute charmer for females, you'll never(? if not rarely) find a female shiny. You can still find shinies, and females, but not female shinies. ;P

Originally Posted by PhantomWolf View Post
@arceus whisper Really, it doesn't? I've seen people on YouTube get shinies on emerald by sring, so you must have your facts wrong.
Anyway, so far on fire red, I have over 100 srs for charmander.

EDIT: restarting my hunt for charmander because I lost count. And I'm still hatching for snivy and started to sr for tepig.
Broken RNG It makes them RNG clones, or sometimes makes it much easier or impossible to find shinies. Complicated xD


Ho-oh: 12,750 SRs
Treecko: 8225 SRs

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