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    Anyway, I know it has been a short hiatus of updates, but I'm back! And with good news to boot!
    So I've decided to change a few things. The beta I was going to release after the fifth gym? I will release it once I've reached the fourth gym. Which means that it will come earlier than I imagined. Another thing. I've also finished everything up to the third gym, and all the mapping until the fifth gym has finally been inserted in the final product, which means that I only have to finish a few scripts and sprites, no more mapping for a while. This update means that no, even though it stayed dormant in the bottom of the list of threads for a while, this hack is not dead!

    And more stuff that everybody loves: Screenshots!

    Edit: For some reason, whenever I PrintScreen the images get a lot darker. The game has the same palette as FR, so don't mind it.
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