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Sovereign Rainforest- Hoodhide's Village

The day moved slowly on in the village. For the first time in a while, Zane and the others were able to rest and replenish. He figured after everything that had happened, they deserved that much. However, everyone's personas were somewhat different. Zane didn't see much of Defender around, most likely still unconscious, and Zane regrettably wishing to keep it like that for now. He had no idea what to possibly say to cheer him up, and stop him from acting the way he did. Sword and Shield had taken to eating as much as he could, whether in hunger or simply to get his mind off of things. A few of the others kept to themselves, but what Zane found most notably different was Guardia, who had not spoken a word since she got back from the ambush site.

Noctus had promised them a way into Albia, but if the Gold Tribe themselves couldn't pull it together, what would be the point? Zane reached into his bag, and pulled out the ancient Gold Tribe medallion Kivir had in his possession before he went with General Belas and the armies. The medallion belonged to 'DivineBlade', an old member who disliked the way the Gold Tribe was running before, and wanted to change it. Thoughts raced through Zane's head. He wondered if he was right. He thought that maybe after all of this, maybe they weren't really worthy of being Gold Tribe members.

"No..." Zane said to himself outloud, grasping the medallion in his hand. He knew what they were. He knew what depended on them. But they had to be ready.

Lyn walked into the house where Defender lay resting. By now he would have been awake, and she wasn't sure what state of mind he was in, but she had to get something off of her chest. "Hey, listen..." She began telling him. "I know it probably doesn't meant much at this point, but I..." She took a deep breath and exhaled. "I wanted to thank you for saving me back on the ambush site. If you haven't had noticed that the Sentinels could be under those hoods, we could have had it a lot worse. I may not be here. Maybe more. So...thanks."

From the entrance of the house came one of the citizens of the house. "Ermm...excuse me, Gold Tribe? Your leader asks you guys to come meet him in the town center. He wants to say something to all of you."

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