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    Why the hell am I so upset about this?! Malik thought in a rage as he tossed a wayward chair over his Bisharp's head.

    The chair was lighter than he expected it to be, or maybe Malik was just a little stronger than he thought? Working at an auto shop does sort of give you that sort of upper body strength one would suppose.

    Serrate, Malik's trusted Steel-Type Pokemon, watched worryingly at his Trainer, not knowing what "this" really WAS. With a careful step, the Bisharp inched closer to it's Trainer, only tonne spiked back by another loud yell from Malik.

    "This is so stupid! What the hell was Ryudo thinking confusing me like that?" He said in between random thoughts. He began pacing back and forth around his house room as he thought aloud. "Just who the heck is this Alex kid anyway? Just another crap Trainer in this competition, no doubt ..." Malik's head shifted to the glare of light from the window across the room.

    'Still... Ryudo seemed so intimidated by him ... maybe the kid's not as strong as I let him believe? ... Maybe this Alex guy really frightens him?"

    With the thought slightly irritating him for some unknown inner reason, Malik let it go away quickly as he came to one final conclusion.

    "That settles it then! I'm gonna talk to this kid before Ryudo does! Maybe I can see what he's made of before this tournament REALLY KICKS off..."

    Malik took out his Pokeball and returned Serrate without a word, even ignoring his Pokemon's worried stare and questioning looks.

    "Alright, then ... Let's go pick on the new kid, shall we?"

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