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on hard logs living like a hobo
you are sad that you lost honchcrow and gengar, but you know that they will find their way back to you.
then you hear a loud croak
its a crogunk
"a crogunk? I heard they were not common in this town" you said
it seems crogunk wants to fight you.....
"ok, since your are a part fighting type, I will use honch....."
you forgot, honchcrow was lost at sea with gengar.
"oh well. umbreon, go!"
"um, umbreon!" umbreon says
you tell umbreon to use assurance, which hits crogunk
but crogunk uses toxic
after a series of long battling, umbreon was just about to get finished with a poison jab when.....
a fierce aerial ace hits crogunk
"it's honchcrow!" you cried
honchcrow battles crogunk for awhile, then honchcrow finishes him
"pokeball, go!"
wiggle wiggle wiggle...............ding!
you caught crogunk
"wooooo! I caught crogunk!"
umbreon and honchcrow return to their pokeballs.
you head to prof. oak's to box crogunk when......
"but you have 6 pokemon in your party" oak says
"huh? but gengar was....." you said
"gengar is right here" he says
you see gengar playing with gible and ditto
"what a looks like gengar found his way back to the lab" you said
"but he came at my door. why didn't you box him?" says oak
you tell prof. oak what happened about gengar and honchcrow
"i see. well, be careful next time" oak says
you leave with a new Pokemon in your team when......

current team:

with prof. oak:
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