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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance groaned a bit as he felt something hit him in the head. He blinked open his eyes as he saw he was back.... there. He just looked at that tree... and there she was. He really didn't know how to respond. He just stared for about a minute before he slowly began to walk forward and quickly broke into a run as the figure stood up and held out her hands. He didn't stop as he grabbed onto her tightly and clutched her like he used to. "Shhh, my Penance. Shhh." He just held her tightly as he felt her rub his head, "Remember.... the roses." She whispered into his ear. He looked up in surprise as he saw her form fade into read and white ros-

    Penance gasped as he awoke and lay in a bed, panting heavily. He wiped some of the sweat off from his brow as he clutched the sheets he had been given and curled up in the bed. He closed his eyes, but just saw red and white once more and forced his eyes open yet again and just stared at the ceiling as he put his hands behind his head. It was soon after he head the door open and turned to see her come in and start to talk to him. What she said was boring though! He rolled his eyes and got off of the bed and stretched his arms above his head as he turned to her and frowned, "Guardy! We were supposed to die! The stars said so!" He said with a nod of his head, "Yup! I talked to them a bit... no... wait... I talked to the rock, my bad!" He said as he formed a smile. "I forgot to tell you that, but that's what he said! To go and fly and be one!" He giggled a bit as he patted her shoulder, "I'm sorry for not letting you fly." He said with a sigh, "But we can fly later! And the worms can tell us more!"

    He heard the announcement and grinned, "Vigies out there? Okay!" He said as he walked out of the house merrily and made his way to the center of the town, whistling a bit. Just as he got there he looked over to the side and immediately cried out and sent two Water Pulses to slam against the side of the building that had some vines on it. "ROSES!!!" He screamed as he sent another two Water Pulses at it and paused a bit. The vines snapped and fell softly to the ground as he put his hands down and made his way to Vigil and the others with a smile, "Howdy dowdy! Did he tell you as well? Or did you have to talk to the Nymph? She's always crazy though!" He commented as he burst into laughter as if he had just told a hilarious joke.