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Update 4#
So i finally leave cerulean city and battled a team rocket grunt and by defeating him he gave me tm28 dig and i taught that to armor mainly because the next gym is an electric gym
I get to route 5 to acsses the underground path cuz apearrantly i can't go to saffron city because an officer is blocking the road

I Battled all the trainers on route 6 while training my armor cuz draga won't be able to get to the gym since he 4x weak to electric moves

and finally i get to varmillion city i get the bike voucher from a guy and i backtraked to cerulean city to get a bicycle finally

I get to the s.s.anne and battled all the trainers and get all the items including tm31 brick break and i teach that to armor instead of rapid spin then i battled my rival gary
and emparassed him

I Get HM Cut From The Captin and I Taught that to rattata so he will be my cut slave

In the next update I will defeat the varmillion gym

armor the wartortle lv.31
brick break
water gun

draga the gyarados lv.31
dragon rage
water pulse
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