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    Jack Jacobs
    Rocky Mountains

    Jack went to the nearest stone and made it a seat for the time he was going to be up on these mountains, and just sat and listened as Kilik and Ruby conversed. Obviously though it was Ruby's comment about Latias that made him look up on her oddly "Latias" he said almost mumbled in disbelieve. Maybe she made a mistake or was just joking he thought to himself as he sat on the stone scratching his head Can't be possible.

    Despite that though he sat there trying to get as comfortable as he could while sitting on a giant stone jokingly hoping it wasn't a onix's tail just to amuse himself. Blade stood their beside him as well almost looking as if he was relaxing and enjoying the cool air of the mountains that were around. Kilik though looked determined to find himself a Deino and was adamant in searching but despite Jack's earlier comment about Rhyhorn he wasn't doing a lot of searching himself not wanting to potentially wake up an angry pokemon.

    Before he knew it though Kilik was off, maybe it was the unfamiliar cry that could be heard in the distance that caught his attention, out of concern Jack decided to take a look as well...
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