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    Woo! Hello and welcome aboard to the One Piece fan club, -Lapras-, LightningAlex, Icebloom!
    You guys can post a pirate or marine profile, fan fics, or fan art whenever you want.
    I think I might post my pirate profile in one of my next few posts.

    Originally Posted by LightningAlex
    Also, I have a question for everyone who watched One Piece:

    Just what do you think that is?! Keep in mind that the ship in the picture is as big as a whole island, so I seriously doubt it's a sea king or any other creature!
    My first thought was that it's another shadow from a sky island (Just like they saw before they went to Jaya), but it has eyes! So that can't be it...
    Then I've been thinking, since Gecko Moria sailed these waters for 10 years, it could be something huge built by the marines (Some awesomely huge weapon, maybe?). But it is confirmed that that thing is responsible for most ship disappearances in the Florian Triangle, (Ships have been disappearing long before Thriller Bark showed up), but I doubt the Marines would destroy innocent ships... So, what do you think it is?
    Really, I have no idea. But knowing Oda, they very well could come into play later.
    I didn't know that it was said to be responsible for ship disappearances.