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I'd buy that game, Barrels...
Cheers. :D And it's not as if it wouldn't make bucketloads of cash! Why hasn't an idea like that at least been pitched to WB/Rowling?

Though unfortunately on a more serious note I think you're right; it never would happen . Particularly if Book of Spells is any indication of the future of Potter gaming.
Mmm, yes, but... Book of Spells is only the latest product to emerge from this mysterious partnership between Rowling and Sony. I've a sneaking suspicion that, in return for hosting Pottermore (correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there are any adverts/other profiteering devices on the site), Sony managed to bargain for a ton of new Potter exclusives they could release later down the line. SO MAYBE, IS ALL I'M SAYING. And it's not as if the tech doesn't exist - just get Bethesda to make it!

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