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    Here's my update!

    >drugged some ducks
    >Chased team galactic out of Celatic town and gave that charm to the old hag
    >went to heart home and beat Fantina
    >caught slaves for flying and surfing
    >went to iron island to retrieve Shiny Stone
    >got an egg and put it in a box to never see the light of day ever again
    >Earthquake spammed Bryon off his physic defying gym
    >was told my Rowan to explore a lake that just blew up
    >got HM Strength

    I hope I can go to Acuity and find a Snover before I decide I want to go to a lake without water. Then I think I'm going to go get some honey and try to get a burmy.

    Team so far-
    Torterra- Level 43 [Moves- Bite, Earthquake, Synthesis, Wood Hammer]
    Roserade- Level 41 [Moves- Grass Knot, Ingrain, Petal Dance, Toxic]
    Cherrim- Level 39 [Moves- Take Down, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Magical Leaf]

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