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    Well, at least I was doing my part well. Or was I? Candice didn't even have to tell me to distract Tulio. I did it all by myself. Man, I'm a genius. Anyway, I'm back in Candice's room. The glowing orb is just hanging out, and Candice is on her computer. Boooooring. Man, I knew I should have done client. Actually, no, I didn't. I wanted server from the start. I still want server. Man, I sound like one of those wackjobs with control issues. You know, like the ones on Law and order: SVU? God I hate that show. If you don't have enough game to get it bro, just deal with it. Not everyone is super fly and sexy, but seriously.


    I sigh. Spinning my chair back and forth, I pull out my Rubik's cube. Since I'm kinda OCD, I take the rest of the yellow stickers off. Bam. New color--black. But now that side is all sticky.....

    I get off my lazy butt and look around the room. There should be an old toy chest somewhere....ah ha! Found it, next to my old dresser. (Note: 'old' means from last year or so) After countless seconds of digging, I find my old Rubik's cube. Its a bit stiff, so I juice it up with my "cube lube". Lube.....what an awkward word for a product. Its American brand, so that's probably why. God, Americans are so weird and immature. This coming from me. Whatever. I do my Rubik's cube.

    I started learning the different patterns and how they fit in, giving me the best point of attack. That alone shaved my solve time by a couple of seconds, bringing me to about a 24 second average. I practice a few times, and get a combination I've never ever forever seen before. This is slightly poetic, symbolizing the situation I'm in with SBURB. I was always good at making up bullcrap symbolism in Literature class. L'Estrange was the worst. That book was so depressing. But I got a lot of symbolism off that. "The revolver he uses can be seen as the toss of a coin, as a revolver is the prime choice in chance kills, like Russian Roulette. The toss of a coin further implies that everything is meaningless, and whether you live or die, kill or not, is up to pure, blind, fair, luck." I literally sold that sentence to a kid in my class to use on his test. I got 4 euros off that sh*t.

    Frustrated, I scramble up my cube frantically. This is pretty boring. I decide to play with Candice's bear thing. I grab something--a sneaker, and toss it. The bear just ignores it. Apparently, only dogs like to play fetch. Maybe he needs to smell it? Vinnie, y u no smart? Its a magic orb thing, he can't sme--AAAAGH!!! GO AWAY YOU INSUFFERABLE SECOND PERSON!!!!! In my rage, I accidentally slide my mouse across the screen, grabbing and old toy from Candice's child hood, a rubik's cube of all things, colliding it with the pandasprite, I mean, fluffysprite. Oh, the irony.

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!