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    “I still can’t believe what happened.” Zane said to Hanso. He looked up at Defender, who was being carried by Sword and Shield. “Poor Defender. He took this all really hard. I hope he’s going to be alright….”

    Hanso sighed to himself. He had been in the Gold Tribe long enough to see a few Pokemon become crazy after certain failures. Far as he knew, most of them had calmed down after various times, but there had always been the chance that the insanity would be permanent. Won't know if we don't try to snap him out of it.
    Hanso remained silent as the Gold Tribe came to the village and they were greeted by a Jumpluff. When Ragnaros entered the village, Hanso followed him until the Salamence fell asleep near an inn. Soon after he'd had a big meal, Hanso found a place to sleep.
    He was sitting on his branch in the tree, watching the ambush unfold. The Inferno unleashed his fire on Dark Lightning and Hoodhide at the same time that the army of Ancients were revealing themselves. A sandstorm whipped through the battlefield and forest, obscuring his vision. When it cleared, he found himself on the field, in the middle of the battle. As thieves were cut down, the Gold Tribe around him were whisked away by sand and replaced with those he'd watched die in the past.

    "You could have saved me." He turned around and saw Dark Lightning standing before him. His face was faded out, blank. "You could have come back for me."

    The Zebstrika was engulfed in flames, replaced by Roswell, who had a wicked smile on his face. "Never should have trusted me, you say? Yet, you did. You all did."

    He threw a Psycho Cut at the Lucario, who vanished as he was hit. "Why aren't you looking for me?" He spun around again to see a Gardevoir. Her face was also obscured. "Have you given up? Have you lost hope?"

    "No!" he shouted. "The Machoke said you were still standing when he saw you! You would have gotten out alive!" Yet, part of him wondered if it was true. The Gardevoir faded away. He shouted again, spinning around to fend off the Ancients with his armblades. A section parted to make way for the torturers who had interrogated him; they were led by Frostbite, who held some sort of knife.

    He scrambled for an image, any image, and teleported away. He looked around and saw Shine City as the ruins they had been after the battle. "Remember." He turned around, but no one was in sight. "The claw in this bracer may not be set so that it can strike on its own, but if you trust in it, you will find it guiding your blade more often to weak points."

    "You're always asking why I've dedicated myself to tending the wounded." He turned again, now facing the Gardevoir. This time, her face was clear, and her voice was what he remembered. "It doesn't matter how many thieves or criminals you bring to justice. There will always be more. But time is not always on the side of the injured, physically or otherwise. It is better to heal than to hurt."

    Hanso opened his eyes, then sat up in the bed. It had been ten years, at least, since he'd become a member of the Gold Tribe, so why was he having a nightmare now? Other than the half-memory that had been tacked on at the end, he should've grown out of nightmares already.

    Still, Brynn had had a point, now that he considered it. Hoodhide had been hurt, and Penance was acting crazy. Hanso had been the only one in the group who'd tended to the Scrafty.
    "Um, excuse me, sir?" He looked up to see a citizen in the doorway. "Your leader wants to meet the Gold Tribe in the town center. He has something to say."

    Hanso nodded his thanks before getting out of bed. He crouched down on the floor and pulled his bracer and emblem out of his pack. As he put them on his arm, he considered what his father had told him before. The way he'd always understood it, hitting a weak point always hurt a lot more than normal, and the claw supposedly improved his ability to find weak points.

    Hanso shook his head, leaving his pack as he left the building. Need to figure this out before I meet another Sentinel. He found the town center and joined the Gold Tribe that had already come, nodding to Zane.
    Penance arrived with a smile. "Howdy dowdy! Did he tell you as well? Or did you have to talk to the Nymph? She's always crazy though!" He burst into laughter, though Hanso didn't see what was funny.

    That's it. Hanso walked up to the Golduck, who was almost a foot taller, and grabbed his bill, holding it shut. After jerking Penance's head down to his level, he growled, "Listen to me." Hanso kept eye contact with Penance as he talked. "You weren't like this before the ambush. It isn't your fault that the Silver Tribe was waiting for us. It was your plan that ensured that we didn't all die. And don't you dare think that Auron is watching our every move. If he had been, we all would've died several times over by now. They hate us too much to play around. There's no spy here, or they would've found Hoodhide before we had." Hanso paused for a moment, his dream coming back to him. "A lot of Pokemon have died in this war. If anyone here is to blame for Dark Lightning's death, it's me. So you better stop beating yourself up like this!"

    Hanso took a deep breath as he held Penance's bill a moment longer, then let go and stepped away. If that doesn't stop this craziness, then I don't know what will.