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Update 5#

So I battled the varmillion gym and armor's dig worked wonders and then I battled surge to tell you the truth surge was annoying as hell cuz of his pokemon likes to spam double team but in the end armor defeat this double team spammer

by defeating surge i get tm34 shock wave

Before I head to the rock tunnel I caught myself 10 pokemon to get the flash hm and i caught a bellsprout to make use of this hm

i head to the rock tunnel and battled all the trainers there but the rock tunnel is so long while training my draga cuz he was underleveled

I finnaly head out of the freaking rock tunnel and then head to lavender town but quickly take the way to celadon city cuz there was nothing to do

i battled all the trainers on route 8 and then head to another underground path that connects routes 7 and 8

I arrived at celadon city but i came from the back to get my third team member aquaman the eevee and yes i will be using vaporeon

i get to the department store to get 2 water stones for my eevee and another pokemon

I evolved aquaman to vaporeon and now begin to train him like the rest

in the next part i will continue exploring celadon city


armor the wartortle lv.35


brick break

water gun


draga the gyarados lv.35

dragon rage



water pulse

aquaman the vaporeon lv.10


tail whip

helping hand

sand attack
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