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Originally Posted by rager3 View Post
After approxamatly 14 hours and 17 minutes of SR'ing i got my self a Russian chikorita called Vladimir. İ Nicknamed him cuz im gonna do a Nuzlocke run and i've already started writing the story and stuff.

Umm i would like to post a link to the site where i posted my run story. Would i get banned. Or can i post up admin ?

It would be best if you placed the link into your signature. That way it gets seen by many more people and isn't breaking any forum rules.

Good luck on your shiny hunt!

And now for my own report, it's been a few pages.

I think I will actually take up the hunt this month, for a set of Shiny Nidoran M/F -or Nidorina/o- depends on what game I hunt on.
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