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(Skipped Akio's post on request.)

Lucy - On route to Oreburgh
Lucy stopped for a moment. Amethyst had not responded to her explanation. This frustrated her, which didn't really help Mako in his situation. A frustrated Lucy was not a cooperative Lucy. Did he really need help though? Let's face it, he was essentially curled up inside a humanoid tank. It was an oddly safe place to be... so long as Lucy's intentions remained pure. Letting out a sigh Lucy allowed her arms to drop and wrap around her swollen mid-section, using them to help support some of Mako's weight.

"Yeah, that's me."

Her tone was a bit indignant, perhaps frustrated at having to repeat herself. Without prior knowledge of Mako's... condition, she was hard pressed to figure it out on her own. Lucy began to walk again, freeing her arms and allowing her stomach to hang freely, and probably bounce slightly with each step SANTA as she disregarded the boy's freedom in favor of continuing to move. Their slow pace irritated her slightly, buuut safety took priority over speed.

"...I don't know who that is--You made a kind of intimidating, sadistic comment, and said something about bad things happening if you traveled with us, as if someone was following you. /Then/ you acted like you were in pain and went all crazy talk on us!"

A pause. She crossed her arms atop her belly, continuing to walk.

"...Then you came at us, and I ate you."

Lucy? She didn't seem remotely ashamed. Rather, she seemed to feel empowered by her success in this endeavor. What could she say, she hadn't asked for these powers but she definitely wasn't going to forsake them either.

"You're, uh... in my belly. If you hadn't realized."

This last part was stated in a someone matter-o-fact tone. Despite Lucy's attempts at making herself seem authoritative, that she was the boss and she was in control, she was honestly not cruel or out to get Mako. Thus, she sounded more like an awkwardly symbolic annoyed parent. She honestly didn't know how one could not tell when they were in a belly, given how cramped it was. There were all sorts of sensations in there to clue one in. But what did she know? She had never been on that end of the food chain. Perhaps it was simply hard to recognize where one was when they had never been there before? It made sense in her head anyway. Regardless, his captor clearly wanted some sort if explanation from him. She could've never known how hard it was for him himself to give said explanation. Mako may be able to feel that all her muscles were somewhat tense, given his vantage point. She was, perhaps, nervous regarding him, or perhaps nervous regarding what might happen if she let him out and was /wrong/. That's all assuming he paid enough attention and didn't just try to tune those sensations, given completely tuning them out would be impossible.

Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Hailey just sort of furrowed her brows in thought at what Tim said. He didn't find Nicholas scary? /She/ found Nicholas scary, and she had a death wish. After a moment she spoke up, in an oddly amused tone.

Hailey: "Can you imagine looking up into the rage distorted eyes of an invincible man who wants nothing more than to end everything you've ever known as he prepares to do just that?"

She shivered lightly.

Hailey: "You're either a champion of masculine values or the silliest boy I've ever met~"

Notably, this was not an insult. In a world of physical labour and tough knocks take one guess what had somewhat prospered. Sexual inequality. Being called masculine was generally considered to be a compliment, oddly enough even if you were female. Traits associated with femininity just... weren't seen as all that valuable in many cases. It was an arguably unfortunate effect of society collapsing into a struggle to survive. One could simplify what Hailey had said as calling Tim the bravest person she'd ever met, or y'know... crazy.

Hailey: "Regardless. My plan is simple. We head to the outskirts of the city, far enough away to avoid attention but close enough to be in clear view of it. You will all use any techniques you know to power yourself up..."

A pause for breath.

Hailey: "...And I will copy them using my own technique. Hopefully that will give me enough power to remotely drop a gravity bomb, creating a controlled area of destruction. They'll never even see it coming. They will believe that Arceus herself has forsaken them, which she has. The knowledge that it could happen again at any time and not knowing who or what caused it will result in the city /staying/ abandoned."

...Huh. Hailey had referred to Arceus as a girl. Cue petty argument. Regardless, Arcea remained silent through all of this.

Hailey: "Even Nicholas himself would be forced to acknowledge the achievement."

Hailey smiled lightly, as if mildly enjoying the thought.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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