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I don't have the time to review as often as I would like to. And even when I do have the time, I just don't want to read Pokemon fics. I've been reading Pokemon fics for years, and I'm getting tired of them. (Plus drifting away from the fandom itself.) So sometimes it just feels like a job reviewing here, which is how I look at it some days.

Because I don't have the time, I don't read a lot of fics that are long or have a lot of chapters posted to them. It would take me months to catch up to a fic, and by then the author would have posted several more chapters that I would want to read. Or, on the other hand, I could finally catch up to the fic and be ready to write a review, only to find that the author fell off the face of the Internet.

There are also times when I read a story and realize that I have NOTHING to say about it other than "yay" or "meh".

There's other reasons, but I'm too tired to even go into them.

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