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Calnith Sol NeverWind Location-Plains:

Calnith was at first intending to go straight to the academy and go straight to sleep but he decided against that and figured maybe he'd venture about. He wasn't going somewhere as if he had something planned to do he was just walking and thinking. The drama that had been at the school had seemed to cool off and no one seemed to pay him any mind like they used to. Calnith wondered what he should do next. His old plans were tossed out the window and nothing seemed to interested anymore not even training. This was strange and his Pokemon began to get a bit worried about him, mainly Shinryu, Colossus and Cerberus. The Houndoom himself was walking beside his trainer along with Nightwing perched on his right shoulder.

Calnith then stopped for a moment and thought about what he wanted to do. Cerberus then looked up to his trainer and licked his hand to get his attention. The red haired teen looked to his Houndoom and noticed he was trying to get him to look forward. Calnith then looked up and noticed two people standing not that far from him. It was a boy and a girl and the girl seemed to be shivering like crazy. Why were they out at night without a jacket or something.

"Come on Cerberus let's see what's going on," He said as he began to walk over to there direction with the Houndoom close to him. As Calnith walked over to them the Murkrow on his shoulder started to crow as if to say hello. Honestly it was rather annoying seeing as Nightwing was on Calnith's shoulder and the Murkrow was crowing right next to his ear.

"Hello," He said as he walked over to the two with a wave. He noticed the girl's shivering was worse than he thought. "Here take this you look like you're about to freeze to death. My name's Calnith Neverwind by the way," He added as he took off his red jacket and placed it around the black haired girl. This was strange for Calnith he was acting nice, there was something wrong with him.

"What brings you two out here?" He asked as Nightwing then flew off his shoulder and landed on Cerberus' head.
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