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    Maverick Renos

    The groyle in question slowly descended the stairs as all the Knights feel silent. He was followed by two of his Knight-Commanders. He regarded the gathered Kinghts before he began to speak. "I come here before you all to inform of the tragedy that came here to Markus. Despite our best effort, Matthew has been kidnapped by the Mechanist rebels. We have not yet received a note of ransom or any communication from them. We can only hope that they will not harm Matthew and if they do we will make them pay with their lives!" A cheer came up from the room and Maverick raised his hands to silence them once more.

    "There is, however, a new tragedy that befell us. One of own has been led astray." There were some murmurs as Maverick continued. "Earlier this day one of the Mechanist prisoners we captured was released and is now on the run from us! Our prison was breached by one of our own who has been in league with the Mechanists no doubt even before he became a Knight!" There were gasps and mutters among the crowd.

    "The traitor is one who was dear to us. Caedmon Yeonart!" There were shouts from the Knights and boos at the name. "He not only freed a prisoner, but he fled the scene and even attacked a Knight who was just performing his duty of keeping that vile creature from wrecking havoc on our city! We have already sent multiple groups out to find him, but he is nowhere to be found. He fled like the coward he is and always has been." He looked around, "So, we have a new order from the Council. If any are to encounter Caedmon, you are to regard him as hostile. Don't be an idiot and go after him alone. If you are at a advantage you are to kill him without any hesitation! He is now our enemy and deserves the same fate that awaits the Mechanists... DEATH!"

    The crowd erupted in cheers as Maverick looked around. The Nuzleaf we have in custody has cracked and has given a minor location. Apparently there is a small testing area the Mechanists have that is not on any map and is to test their weapons at. We are sending a team to head that way and take the center! Who will be courageous enough to go?"


    Damon Malruth
    Birch Enclave

    The Megaphones all over the city sparked to life as a message was broadcast over the city. "Attention! All Declarum Forces soldiers are to head to the Convention Center for a debriefing session! Head over there immediately. No excuses!" The Megaphone clicked off as the soldiers from all over headed to the center as quick as they could.
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