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    You are very much not thinking about OTHERS here. I, myself, grind on wild Pokemon whether I need to or not! Most times I just overpower my Pokemon so much, it's just too easy at that point until I reach the harder parts in the game.
    Plus, the game's files would be too large to upload pretty much most areas, and it would take too long to download. Think logically here! Plus, as awesome as all regions in the game would sound, it would get boring after a while. Fighting the same trainers over... and over.. and over again get's tiring to me. Like Ash493 said, everything would be at Lv. 100, and nobody likes to be bored at a level like that ._.
    What I, personally, would like to see in a fan-game is an original storyline, unique graphics styles, and gameplay elements that have that "Pokemon" feel from the Gameboy games, yet a game that adds new and exciting elements that give you a tight and consistent experience. Also, build the game with the same styles gameplay-wise, but add your own style of mapping to the game, some unique dialogue, and especially some after-game content. That's just my personal opinion, though.
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