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    @ADLFM14: That looks awesome. :D The main silhouette looks a bit jagged, you might want to fix the curves, then add the 'plated' look. Also, see on how your reference pic that the dragon has bluish shadows? Recoloring the shadows to look slightly bluish would be a nice touch. But still, great start! :D


    So this is a.. well.. something. A grass fighting starter based from a Chinese fleece flower with rhubarb arms. He looks pudgier in my original sketch. And he doesn't have a scarf. And it's supposed to be a blub on top of his head, but he just looked ridiculous when I tried it. Also, you would not believe the amount of time I spent just to find the right shade of green to copy off. After several tries, I fe\inally settled with bulba blub green. I've got a better idea for a grass-fighting starter anyway. I'm just putting these here for comments.
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