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    some stuff:

    1) Wrap/paralysis. Use paralysis to stun your opponent before Wrapping it constantly. Stun ensures your opponent always move last and the Wrap would therefore completely immobilise your opponent yet dish damage at the same time. Victrebel/Arbok/Dragonite are good users of this.

    2) X-accuracy and Fissure/Horndrill. Breaks the game.

    3) Psychics are OP in this gen. Includes mew and mewtwo. google what is the mew glitch to get one without needing to use cheat codes (but you prob beat that trainer long ago).

    4) And seriously stop considering flareon. seriously. The other 2 are WAY BETTER keep emphasizing that

    5) of the 3 legendary birds only zapdos is most worth keeping. articuno is decent but moltres is bad.

    6) CHANSEY