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    I surely haven't read as many fics as Astinus has, but I do not feel that interested in reading fics anymore. Even longer, engaging stories are hard to keep up with due to a general lack of interest.

    When I first started reviewing, it was almost fun. It was nice to know that I was learning how to write as I dissected literature. But now, there's no fun. Maybe it's because I'm more knowledgeable about writing than before, or it was my general interest waning. Either way, reviewing has become a chore.

    What makes reviewing even more of a chore is the fact that most new writers that need help or reviews have the same problems. Fics tend to have trends that are highly noticeable, and I severely dislike reading them. It's come to the point that I hit the quote box and review line by line rather than actually reading through for a few stories, because of how predictable they become. That is not how anyone should be reviewing, and I really need to break that habit, but it's still an issue. I digressed. Anyway, fics tend to have the same problems, a lot of which could be solved by reading the Writer's Resources thread. People don't spell correctly, can't form correct grammar, can't establish characters, etc. You don't even need to check out the Writer's Resources when you can read a book and follow an example. I'm not saying plagiarize it, but study the prose of the novel. Take notes on the characters, plot, and everything else. If more writers did that before they even dived into fanfiction, I feel that most problems would be eliminated.

    I find myself typing the same thing for most of my reviews nowadays. There are the same analogies and examples, yet no one bothers to listen or doesn't understand. It gets worse when I have to repeat myself in another review. The process kills me. I understand that people need help, otherwise, why would they post their story online in the first place? But when the problems are the same, it gets annoying. (Before I even planned a story, I searched through the Internet and the library on writing proper prose and establishing characters. I've always thought it to be good to plan ahead and prepare. What bugs me is that some authors dive in their story without a plan at all, which is evident by reading what they write.)

    Reviews are everything. They mean the world to authors, even if they're misinformed or incorrect. It's good to know that someone is reading your story and liked it (or hated it) enough to leave at least a comment. To me, stories can be monotonous to read. Sometimes I have to force myself to continue. Other times, I leave the story up in one of my many tabs and forget about it until the next day.

    So yeah, that's a gist of why I don't review as much as I used to.
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