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A Lack of professionalism shows a lack of effort, and lack of effort equals less fun. If you're in to lock quality, then go head play it, but this thread is for the Best Hack, not the most fun. The best hack, hack meaning hacking, as in things beyond what you can do with Advance Map. Adding Text, trainers and some events (plus rocks) does not equal a Hack.

Also as to the argument that is is, post Hoen apocalypse doesn't satisfy wouldn't you think things would still look diferent, like empty houses, lots of messes, ect? There is a zombi in the PokeMart, is it that causal of a thing? Oh yeah buy some pokeballs, oh look a Zombi whats up? If the apocalypse happened now there would be houses in ruin, broken windows, fires, chaos, and people would run away from zombies! I don't understand, did the Zombies bring rocks with them? Because that was all that changed in those maps.
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