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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
No that is a Mod, a hack requires more than that, and a little bit of skill. It is a lack of effort, anything can be done with enough effort, and knowledge (With knowledge obtainable through effort).

But that is not the storyline, the zombies are the bad guys, and thats why you are fighting them, it wouldn't be an apocalypse if they were your friends.
What I described was indeed a hack. You're changing a tile on a map to that of a rock. You are modding the game, but you are changing the hex to create the rock texture, thus it's both. In many cases, a hack is a mod (I did my research on the subject, but a quick Google search wouldn't hurt. A hack can be as simply as changing a single piece of text, and I can guarantee you that one doesn't take more effort or content than the other. If you don't believe me, look up Elsweyr for Oblivion and then compare that to...any hack in the hack showcase, there was quite an extensive amount of work done on it.

Also, that's not completely true about effort. One may think that what they have is perfectly fine, and that they did put all of their effort and knowledge into making it, does their ignorance mean that they didn't put enough effort into it? Is that even really ignorance at all? No, because it's their opinion that what they've made is "professional", and it's strictly someone else's opinion that it's not, the subject itself is very objective. A lack of effort implies that one didn't give it their all in what they were doing, and in many cases of unprofessionalism that's not the case.

Also, have you played the game?
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