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    Candice Greyson

    AM: How did you know it was a Fluffysprite anyway?
    AM: Unless I said it out loud without knowing...

    CF: Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.
    CF: But seriously, honey, what else would you name that thing? ;}
    CF: So over to the boring stuff. Stuff that will fit you, right?
    CF: Turn the handle on the cruxtruder and some kind of round dowel will pop up. It's called cruxite.
    CF: Then take the cruxite dowel to the... hm... the Totem Lathe, and clamp it stuck.
    CF: And put down the pre-punched little card into the only slot where it seems to fit ;}
    CF: And watch magic happen. A totem will be carved~!
    CF: Oh, and don't worry about your dear papa. Vinnie made him busy~!

    AM: Well, you have a point there.
    AM: Oh great, my dear papa is sure in great hands.
    AM: So I suppose I'll come back...again...once I do all that.
    AM: So you believe in magic too?

    Her response left me as confused as ever. So she loved playing with me that way then, eh? This is not boring person at all, and the way she spoke was sure fun...although her font color still gets to me from time to time, I managed to ignore it and focus on her orders. The fact she used the word "magic" got me curious for more, but I decided to get to action. Besides, the meteor was coming, and I seriously didn't want it impacting our house.

    Walking over to the machine, the numbers that were displayed on the screens got me a bit worried. Once there, I placed my hands on the handle and started to turn it. Turning the handle was easier than I thought, since the dowel immediately popped right up. It was a sky blue color, the material somehow magical to me. As I shook my head to get my head out of the clouds, a strong flash did the job. Turning around, I witnessed Fluffysprite turning his head around and around. Horrified that the adorable teddy bear called Mr. Fluffy was doing something inhuman, not that he was human, somehow horrified me. My eyes followed as he seems to test out every expression that had it's own respective color to it. When ever it was red, he showed a very pissed face. Blue meant a very sad face, meanwhile the yellow face showed a very hyped up, or happy, Flufflysprite. His normal face was with the green face. After thinking of the four, red, blue, and yellow...something hit me. It reminded me a lot of the rubiks cube colors. Not wanting to think so much, I stared at the new Fluffysprite. Despite looking like a panda bear who needed to switch faces to change his mood, as if his head was a cube, he still looked as adorable and awesome as ever...maybe I exaggerated when I thought it would turn out to be a horrible idea.

    "Okay, focus Candice," I pushed myself forward, lifting the dowel. Now for the Totem Lathe...I forgot which one it was. Apparently the one that had the slot to the card. The only one I got a good look at was the one in the bathroom, but I don't remember it having anything like a card slot. That only leaves me with the one left in the kitchen...

    Rushing out my room and into the kitchen, this time I didn't slip on the water that somehow didn't dry up yet. In the kitchen, the huge, skinny, sky blue, two meters long machine proudly stood out from the rest. Suddenly, my arms give out. The cruxite dowel slams down into my right foot, making me yelp in pain. Jumping up and down with my right foot shaking back and forth in the air, somehow my hand grazed itself against the cerise charm, and out came a wallet. The dowel started to roll away, heading towards the machine. Not knowing whether it was going to break when it did hit the device, I make a dash and leap out towards it. Landing on top of it, I managed to stop it from colliding against the device. It was probably not going to break anyway, since it survived the fall and a huge teen slamming herself over it.

    Putting it in a position so it wouldn't roll off, I take out the red card with the holes in it. With that on my left hand, I glance around for any card slot. It took me around five minutes until I finally found it, which happens to be right underneath my nose.

    "I am awful at looking for stuff," I talk to myself, sliding the red card into the slot. Nothing happened...then I remembered that I had to clamp the dowel somewhere. Lifting the cruxite dowel, my eyes study the device to see how to do clamp it. I put the dowel down on the device and leave my left hand there so it wouldn't roll off. With my right hand, I start to slowly turn on the wheel. Since I was a girl with pretty weak hands, it takes me longer than five minutes to turn the thing. Wanting to get this over with, I let my left leg rest over the dowel and use both my hands to turn the wheel. Luckily, with only two turns or so, I clamped the dowel tight. Putting leg down, I let out a sigh of relief. I managed to finish it...and oh, I saw Mr.Fluffy's reflection on the device. Mr.Fluffy following me around makes me feel so good since I wasn't used to being followed around.

    Now...for the magic to happen...