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Vieve Gotle

I’m frozen with fear because I’m just not sure what I should do! There is just so much stuff going on that I need to think over or not think about period. I take a few diagonal steps backwards to my bed and sit. My elbows rest upon my legs while my right, index finger twirls a strand of my hair. Tiberius is still floating beside me wanting attention but I don’t care about him at this moment. There is a plane or some fallen space debris coming for my house. Well, I choose to start this game so I need to finish it like any normal person would. I can’t leave Ricardo hanging who knows what would happen to him if I quit. Would the asteroid hit his house? I’m not taking that chance so I’ll have to suck up my worries. Before I know it I’m standing then I sit down at the computer and take a large breath of air.
VB: You saw the meteor?
VB: It will hit your house when the time on the Cruxtruder runs out. But don't worry. You will survive. And so will your brother, I presume.
VB: You only have a couple of minutes left. It should be enough though. But be efficient.
VB: Keep your cool. You are cool, I know it.
VB: Go down to the Alchemiter. The biggest machine. And put the Totem on the right spot. You'll see where.

PS: It’s a meteor?
PS: Well, that’s good to know.
PS: We’ll survive? Then what’s the point of it hitting? That’s dumb
PS: Totem to Alchemiter
PS: Also, I don’t think I’ve said this yet but thanks.
I feel like thanking whomever this is is a good idea. Now, I need to take the lovely totem I just made to the weight machine. Leaving my spot at the computer vacant I take the necessary steps toward the totem. Before I grab it I inspect it to make sure it didn’t turn into a bomb. In quick haste I snatch it up and go down the stairs to the bigger machine of the two. The totem looks like a vase now it’s no longer spherical which I guess is a good thing. Now, where does this thing go? Oh right, she’s crypt and just tells me, “you’ll know where,” as if!

The sky seems to be turning a red color, which I’m sure is going to freak people out. I want to tell them we’re going to be all right but it’s going to hard say. “Stop freaking out some girl from the Internet told me my broth—“ Wait, she didn’t say anything about the other people in my neighborhood just Gavin and myself. No, she just mentions Gavin because she knows I care about him the most. Right? These freak outs are going to stop now because I can keep my cool and nothing can phase me now. I manage to steer myself to the Alchemiter while having all these thoughts swirling around in my head. I’m just going to make an assumption and say that the totem didn’t go in the middle of this thing. That’s too easy for this game. Oh, there’s this nice little spot where it will fit perfectly. How come I’ve never notice this before? I place the totem on what I think is the correct spot but you never know with this game. Looking up into the sky makes me start hoping whatever is coming really doesn't kill me.

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