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Update number two! This playthrough is really picking up pace after this point. I'm having a surprising amount of fun!

-After defeating Roxanne I leave the Gym and once again meet the Devon Corp. employee. He tells me a package has been stolen from him, and asks for me to get it back.

-I decided to help him, and followed the team Magma member down another route. I fight the trainers in my way, and meet another man outside of a cave. He tells me an odd hooded man stole his Wingull and ran into the cave. It matched the description of the man I was pursuing, so I went in.

-I battled the grunt, who also had the stolen wingull. Since Topper needed the experience she had a rematch against the grunt's Poochyena, and she defeats him rather easily. The man gives me back the package and the wingull before fleeing the cave.

-The old man was very thankful when we returned his Wingull. He offered to let us use his boat when we need to, and went back home.

-I also return the package back to the Devon Corp. employee. He was thankful; he gave me another Great ball and took me in to meet their president. The President asks that I deliver the package, saying it would be safer in my care.

-I meet the old man with the wingull, and he sails me to Dewford town for the next Gym battle. When I get there, I enter the cave and catch my next team member, a Makuhita.

-I meet a man (I forget his name) deep in the cave. I deliver the package to him, and out of gratitude he gives me a TM for Steel Wing. It's completely useless to me considering the type I've chosen, but it's nice of him.

-I raise Poe up a few levels in the cave before taking on the gym leader.

-The battle can be seen here;
I'm thinking of making a mini-series out of this. Suggestions are welcome.

-I get the Knuckle Badge and the TM Bulk Up. I'm seriously considering giving Poe this new TM, especially because of his relaxed nature. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Pokemon; Combusken
Type; Fire/Fighting
Name; Linkin
Gender; Male
Level; 18
Nature; Timid
Moves; Ember, Peck, Double Kick, Focus Energy
Ability; Blaze

Pokemon; Shroomish
Type; Grass
Name; Topper
Gender; Female
Level; 17
Nature; Careful
Moves; Tackle, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Stun Spore
Ability; Effect Spore

Pokemon; Makuhita
Type; Fighting
Name; Poe
Gender; Male
Level; 16
Nature; Relaxed
Moves; Arm Thrust, Tackle, Focus Energy, Vital Throw
Ability; Thick Fat
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