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    Originally Posted by bookworm29 View Post
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    True. I really dunno what to tell you about the battery though. :/ That's a pain that you did go through that trouble and it didn't work. Hopefully someone that understands the batteries better than me will come along and see your question. Also, you might consider asking in the Video Gaming forum. I don't know if there were other GBA games that needed a battery replacement, but chances are, there might be some more people that know about it in that forum. I might be wrong, but it's worth a shot, right? Just to be safe though, when you post, make sure you mention I sent you since I thought you'd have better luck there. It's still video game related so yeah. Hope you can get an answer.

    Thanks, I will see what I can find out.
    I just want to mention that I am experiencing this exact same issue as bookworm29, having manually replaced the internal battery in my Ruby Version a few days ago. This particular copy of Ruby has been patched for the Berry Glitch via Pokemon Colosseum since before the internal battery ran dry. I haven't found any documentation online what's supposed to happen when you replace the internal battery, but as far as I've observed I've gotten back most of my in-game time-related functionality (mostly tested Shoal Cave) but not berry growing. I'm annoyed by this and trying to figure out whether there's a fix but R/S battery replacements seem to be relatively rare and the aftermath almost completely undocumented.