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    Ignoring the man’s poorly veiled threat, Victoria circled him as he lifted Kelsey off the ground. She stopped and looked down at the poor defenseless Cyndaquil. The poor little guy looked so weak and exposed. “What proof of this Pikachu do you have? Other than your word of course? Which, no offense, doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.” Victoria barked snidely.

    A quick survey of her surroundings brought home the realization of his initial statement. Even though he had made the threat, it wasn’t any less true. An attack on him out here, all alone, probably wouldn’t end in her favor. Even if she had the element of surprise, he surely had the advantage. A sigh escaped her lips. She released the rock, and resigned herself to the circumstances.

    Scooping down to pick up the poor creature, and cradling it in her arms like a new born; Victoria gently stroked it's extended proboscis. She refocused her attention on getting back out of the forest, and ultimately, shelter. On a tropical place like this, the weather was always unpredictable. She had no desire to further compound her misery by an unexpected climate shift out here in the elements.

    “You know what, don’t answer that. Just start walking towards the beach, we have a shelter there.” The attitude in her voice, reflecting the displeasure of being stuck alone with this stranger. “Walk in front of me on the way back too.”

    Another nagging thought ran through her head. Where is Bliss? Deciding that she was probably ok, and not wanting to leave Kelsey alone with the man; Victoria decided it best for the thought to be pushed aside for right now.

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