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    Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
    A Lack of professionalism shows a lack of effort, and lack of effort equals less fun. If you're in to lock quality, then go head play it, but this thread is for the Best Hack, not the most fun. The best hack, hack meaning hacking, as in things beyond what you can do with Advance Map. Adding Text, trainers and some events (plus rocks) does not equal a Hack.
    I agree with the part about professionalism - most hacks lack this and is the main reason I often get bored with each one I play. I've finished Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers a couple of years ago but don't think I've played through any other rom hack since then (expect for finishing Prism's summer beta but that's that). Yet even both of these were missing the real excitement even if they had lots of nice scripting, especially Prism.

    About the other fact though, I've to disagree even though I also used to think like you do. We should be voting for the most entertaining hack, not the hack with the most skillful creator. I believe diegoisawesome is the best among the three of us although it's hard to say anything for sure, I too am pretty fluent with (GB) assembly these days, and can't say a thing about Cutlerine. But that's not the point of the competition now is it ?

    Personally, if I had never played G/S/C (wouldn't be creating Dark Future then though, hahha), I would vote for CrystalDust instead of Snakewood (and possibly my own hack). It would be something way more original then but I'm not a big fan of remakes myself so haven't gotten far with it either (not sure if I have even ever played it or not ?!). This far, I haven't voted for any because it's a bit unclear whether you can vote for your hack or not but would that really make a difference if all three of us did so.

    Originally Posted by uran10 View Post
    Now like I said Snakewood has got this, great storyline, great character development. If dark future was completed it probably would be kicking some butt right now.
    You've no idea how right you're right with this assumption as the game (storylinely-wise) doesn't really even begin in Beta 3.
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