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Trainer Name: Takuya
Starter Pokemon: Totodile (Slave)
Rival: Duskmon
NB: One last thing before I start, most of the nicknames I give my Pokemon will be related to other anime. That is my choice, not yours so you can't stop me.

-Got Running Shoes, Bicycle and GB Sounds from Mom
-Received starter from Prof. Elm
NB: I had to reset Arceus-knows how many times for Totodile to be female.
-After getting 5 Potions and the PokeGear (abbreviated to PG), headed for Mr. Pokemon's house, but stopped to register Prof. Elm in the PG
-Mild annoyance because of the Guide Gent and his "tour"
-Got Old Rod from Guide Gent
NB: That's got to be some kind of innuendo there
-Got Map Card from Guide Gent
-Obtained Apricorn Box
-Spotted a mysterious Trainer from Sinnoh in front of Mr. Pokemon's House
-Had no choice but to talk to Mystery Trainer but received Shirayuki the Eevee (F, Lv.5) for my trouble
NB: More annoying resetting for Shirayuki to be female. Also, Shirayuki is a reference to Sode no Shirayuki, an Ice-Type zanpaku-to from Bleach.
-Received Mystery Egg and Pokedex (both Johto and National Dex)
-Registered Prof. Oak in the PG
-"Urgent" phone call from Prof. Elm
-Battled against Passerby Boy with Totodile destroying Chikorita
-Gave Mystery Egg to Prof. Elm
-Got 15 Pokeballs from Lyra
-Caught Starly (F, Lv.3)
NB: Starly and Totodile are both HM Slaves.
-Boxed Starly and Totodile
-Defeated all Trainers on Route 30
NB: Randomly on Route 30, there is a Trainer named Idol Carly that says before you battle her "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! But let's have a battle. I'll win, maybe!". I was like WTF!
-Shirayuki learned Bite (Leveling up)
-Random call from the Bike Shop saying to keep the Bike (don't know how I got that call when I got the Bike from Mom)
-Gave up on looking for the roughly 2% of all Pokemon on Route 30 that would be a female Ralts and decided to wait until I got to Goldenrod City
-Received VS. Recorder from Lyra
-Arrived in Violet City and obtained the EXP. Share from a wierdo in the Pokemon Center
-Quickly worked through Sprout Tower, crushing all who dared cross my path
-Defeated the Elder and received a Chilled Ore and TM70 Flash
NB: Rival Duskmon only got an evolution stone but I got an evolution stone AND a TM. Sucks to be him then.
-Shirayuki learned Quick Attack (Leveling up)
-Shirayuki evolved into Glaceon
-Had some trouble with Falkner but eventually managed to win
-Received the Zephyrbadge and TM51 Roost
-Received Pokemon Egg from Prof. Elm's Aide
-Registered Falkner in the PG
-Breezed through Route 32
-Shirayuki learned Aurora Beam (Leveling up)
-Made it through Union Cave
-Shirayuki learned Water Pulse (TM)
-Arrived in Azalea Town
-Wiped out Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well
-Registered Kurt in the PG
-Shirayuki learned Ice Shard (Leveling up)
-Destroyed Bugsy's bugs
NB: I actually always thought Bugsy was a girl. I feel tainted now.
-Received the Hive Badge and TM89 U-turn
-Registered Bugsy in the PG
-Flattened Duskmon's weaklings
-Obtained HM01 Cut
-Withdrew Totodile and Starly
-Totodile learned Cut
-Gave EXP. Share to Starly
-Found another Trainer from Sinnoh doing apparently doing something unmentionable with an Ivysaur and was bribed with TM86 Grass Knot to keep quiet about the incident
NB: Anyone figured out who the Trainer that gave me Eevee was? What about this new Trainer?
-The original Mystery Trainer blocked my path again and gave me an Odd Keystone
-Registered Lyra and the Day-Care Man+Day-Care Lady in the PG
-Arrived in Goldenrod City
-Obtained Radio Card
-Changed date on laptop to Thursday so Ralts/Kirlia would appear on Route 34
-Caught Angewomon the Kirlia (F, Lv.15)
-Angewomon learned Shock Wave (TM)
-Angewomon learned Thief (TM)
-Angewomon learned Grass Knot (TM)
-Obtained the Root, Claw, Helix, Dome, Armor and Skull Fossils
NB: I obtained the fossils inside the old Bike Shop which is now an archeological building that hasn't fully been renovated. In other words, there are still Bikes around.
-Togepi hatched from the Egg (M, Lv.1)
-Togepi learned Flash (TM)
-Starly evolved into Staravia (EXP. Share)
-Took EXP. Share from Staravia and gave it to Angewomon
-Destroyed all Gym Trainers in the Goldenrod Gym
-After a few attempts, I defeated Whitney
NB:Even with Shirayuki being really powerful, I still had a tough time with Whitney, mainly because of one Pokemon: Wigglytuff. That darn thing annihilated my entire team without any trouble!
-Angewomon learned Extrasensory (Leveling up)
-Shirayuki learned Ice Fang (Leveling up)
-Received the Plain Badge and TM45 Attract (after Whitney stopped crying)
-Registered Whitney in the PG
-Angewomon learned Magical Leaf (Leveling up)
-Shirayuki learned Dig (TM)
-Obtained the Squirtbottle
-Defeated Sudowoodo
-Obtained the Berry Pots
-Obtained HM06 Rock Smash
-Togepi learned Rock Smash
-Arrived in Ecruteak City
-Obtained HM03 Surf
-Totodile learned Surf
-Once again flattened Duskmon's useless team with just Shirayuki
-Found yet another Trainer from Sinnoh in the Ecruteak PokeMart who gave me TM61 Will-o-Wisp
-Morty gave me a heap of trouble but I eventually defeated him
-Received the Fog Badge and TM30 Shadow Ball
-Registered Morty in the PG
-Shirayuki learned Shadow Ball
-Met another mysterious Trainer, this time from Hoenn who gave me the Iron Plate
-Met Warden Baoba and registered him in the PG
-Arrived in Olivine City
-Arrived in Cianwood City
-Shirayuki learned Earth Power (Leveling up)
-Saved progress for now


Shirayuki the Glaceon (F, Lv.38) No Item
Ice Fang, Water Pulse, Earth Power, Shadow Ball

Angewomon the Kirlia (F, Lv.29) EXP. Share
Shock Wave, Extrasensory, Thief, Magical Leaf

Totodile (F, Lv.12) Slave No Item
Scratch, Cut, Surf, Rage

Staravia (F, Lv.14) Slave No Item
Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Togepi (M, Lv.1) Slave No Item
Flash, Rock Smash, Metronome, Extrasensory

EDIT: I might as well continue with the challenge.


-Angewomon evolved into Gardevoir
-Managed to beat the 2% chance of finding Phione on Route 41 and caught it at Lv.30
-Showed Phione to a girl on the beach at Route 40 for 5 Heart Scales
-Gave Totodile the EXP. Share
-Saw Suicune and defeated Eusine
-Totodile evolved into Croconaw
-Obtained the Good Rod
-Found another Sinnoh Trainer on the ground floor of the Olivine Lighthouse who gave me TM73 Thunder Wave
-Trained up my team in the Olivine Lighthouse
-Shirayuki learned Last Resort
-Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr
-Gave Staravia the EXP. Share
-Finally challenged Chuck of the Cianwood City Gym
-After a fierce battle, Angewomon triumphed over Poliwrath giving me the win
-Received the Storm Badge and TM01 Focus Punch
-Registered Chuck in the PG
-Obtained HM02 Fly
-Staravia learned Fly
-Feraligatr learned Rock Smash
-Obtained the SecretPotion and delivered it to Jasmine
-Stored Togepi and Phione in the PC
-Got a phone call from Baoba saying the Safari Zone is open and then asking for help
-Headed for the Safari Zone
-Teamed up with Mira from Sinnoh for a double Grunt battle
-Teamed up with Buck from Sinnoh for a double Grunt battle
-Defeated Rocket Executive Petrel
-Teamed up with Cheryl from Sinnoh for a double Grunt battle
-Teamed up with Marley from Sinnoh for a double Grunt battle
-Saved progress for now


Shirayuki the Glaceon (F, Lv.47) No Item
Ice Fang, Water Pulse, Earth Power, Last Resort

Angewomon the Gardevoir (F, Lv.30) No Item
Shock Wave, Extrasensory, Thief, Magical Leaf

Feraligatr (F, Lv.30) Slave No Item
Rock Smash, Cut, Surf, Ice Fang

Staravia (F, Lv.32) Slave EXP. Share
Tackle, Fly, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace

Now time to reveal all the mystery Trainers so far:
Mr. Pokemon's House/Ilex Forest Exit - Cynthia
Ilex Forest - Gardenia
Ecruteak City - Fantina
Ecruteak City Exit - Steven Stone
Olivine Lighthouse - Volkner

Did anyone guess them right?


-After some trouble with her Jynx, Rocket Executive Ariana was defeated
-Arrived at Safari Zone Gate and found that the Nurse in the Pokemon Center was a Team Rocket Grunt
-Teamed up with Riley from Sinnoh to battle Rocket Executive Archer and the Nurse/Team Rocket Grunt
-Staravia evolved into Staraptor and learned Close Combat
-Team Rocket was removed from the Safari Zone and all areas around it
-Gave Angewomon the EXP. Share
-Finally challenged Jasmine at the Olivine City Gym
-Earth Power completely dominated Jasmine's team after Skarmory spammed Toxic
-Received the Mineral Badge and TM23 Iron Tail
-Registered Jasmine in the PG
-Shirayuki learned Iron Tail
-Headed toward Mahogany Town
-Obtained HM04 Strength
-Once again saw Suicune
-Arrived ini Mahogany Town and headed to the Lake of Rage
-Battled and caught the Red Gyarados (F, Lv.40)
-Obtained the Red Scale
-Met Lance and decided to help him
-Gyarados learned Strength
-Wrecked my way through Team Rocket HQ, obtaining both passwords to the boss's room
-Angewomon learned Psychic
-Once again battled against Rocket Executive Petrel and once again he fell to the might of Shirayuki
-Followed the Murkrow to the radio-transmitter room where it unlocked the door
-Teamed up with Lance to battle Rocket Executive Ariana and a Rocket Grunt
-Managed to turn off the transmitter
NB: I was going to catch one of the Electrode but they kept using Selfdestruct
-Obtained HM05 Whirlpool
-Gyarados learned Whirlpool
-Had some trouble with Pryce as his Froslass spammed Shadow Ball and was faster than Shirayuki despite Shirayuki being a higher level
-The battle ended up with just Shirayuki and his Lapras still able to battle until I revived Angewomon
-Lapras was defeated by its own Perish Song
-Received the Glacier Badge and TM07 Hail
-Registered Pryce in the PG
-Got a call from Prof. Elm saying something about radio broadcasts
-Obtained a Team Rocket Uniform
-Registered Bill in the PG
-Made my way through the Radio Tower after being unmasked by Duskmon
-Battled against Rocket Executive Petrel AGAIN
-Petrel was defeated AGAIN
-Obtained the Basement Key
-Stocked up on items and bought some TMs
-Shirayuki learned Blizzard
-Defeated Duskmon in revenge for unmasking me at the Radio Tower
-Froze my way through the Goldenrod Underground
-Gave Shirayuki the Amulet Coin
-Obtained the Card Key
-Defeated Rocket Executive Proton
-Defeated Rocket Executive Ariana AGAIN
-Had some trouble but finally defeated Rocket Executive Archer
-Giovanni himself showed up and I was forced to battle him (luckily my team had been miraculously healed)
-Rocket Boss Giovanni was defeated
-Obtained the Silver Wing
-Headed toward Blackthorn City and bought a RageCandyBar
-Received an Egg from Riley for helping with Team Rocket at the Safari Zone
-Obtained HM07 Waterfall
-Gyarados learned Waterfall
-Managed to get through Ice Path
-Arrived in Blackthorn City
-After stocking up on items, I went through the Gym and challenged Clair
-Shirayuki barely defeated Kingdra
-Clair was defeated
-Travelled through Dragon's Den
-Received the Rising Badge and TM59 Dragon Pulse
-Registered Clair in the PG
-Got a call from Prof. Elm
-Received the Master Ball from Prof. Elm
-Defeated all seven Kimono Girls
NB: That's not a typo, there was seven of them, one for each Eeveelution.
-Obtained the Tidal Bell
-Flew to Cianwood and headed to the Whirl Islands
NB: I'm had to either capture or knock out Lugia because I can't go to the Pokemon League because Lyra won't let me.
-Headed toward the Pokemon League
-Found the Toxic Plate in Prof. Elm's trashcan
-Made it through Tojho Falls
-Arrived at Victory Road
-Took down Duskmon once again
-Arrived at Indigo Plateau
-Stored all but Shirayuki and Angewomon in the PC
-Saved progress for now


Shirayuki the Glaceon (F, Lv.63) Amulet Coin
Blizzard, Water Pulse, Earth Power, Iron Tail

Angewomon the Gardevoir (F, Lv.53) EXP. Share
Shock Wave, Psychic, Thief, Magical Leaf
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