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A secret hidden from you - Chapter 2

A man, around 43 years old ran inside the underground house of the Cortess Family. 'Dear! Gloria! Jamie!' The man shouted, panting by the door opening, holding his hand by his heart, he had obviously ran all the way back to his home.

'Mister Cortess!' Jamie heard him shouting in the hallways and quickly went over to him, only seeing him, no Aisha around. 'hunny!' The mother hurried over to her husband and hugged him tightly. 'I was so worried...' She mumbled, sighing in relieve.

'There's something else we have to worry about!' Mister Cortess said as he got his breath back, he seemed in shock and was still panting. 'They caught Aisha!' The man finally spoke the important sentence, leaving everyone in a dead silent.

For a moment it sounded like the time had stopped, it was so silent, no sounds of the people outside, no sounds of anything, just the silence. Then Missis Cortess putted a hand forward her mouth as her eyes started to tear up. 'Aisha...' She said quietly.

Jamie and Gloria couldn't believe the words mister Cortess spoke, Aisha? Caught? No, that couldn't be right.

'I don't believe it!' Jamie clenched her fists and glared at the ground. 'What happened, dad?' Gloria asked him. Mister Cortess was quiet, only looking forward him and comforting his wife. 'I was on my way home when i heard Aisha shouting my name, i hurried over to where she was, but someone had caught her and dragged her away.' He explained quietly, rubbing over the back of missis Cortess and hugging her gently.

'How did that person looked like?' Gloria asked her father, hugging her mother too. Missis Cortess saw Aisha and Jamie as her own childeren, just like Gloria was, it must've been horirble to hear that one of your daughters was caught by horrible people. 'It was a man, with a black shirt and green army pants.' The father spoke softly, trying to remember everything. 'Oh, and he wore brown mountain shoes...' He added.

'It's him again! Gloria! It's that men that followed us earlier! Aisha went to stop him, right?!' Jamie had both of her hands on Gloria shoulders and faced her. 'Y-yeah it's probely him...' Gloria said sadly, looking at the door. 'What does he want from her...?' Gloria asked herself quietly.

'I have no idea! But he ain't getting it!' Jamie ran to door, opened it and took a glance at Gloria. 'Let's go get her!' Jamie said to her, Gloria nodded at her and followed.

'B-but!' Mister Cortess was too later with trying to grab his daughter's arm. 'Let them be hunny...' Missis Cortess hugged her husband once again. 'Once they found Aisha the'll be save...' Missis Cortess closed her eyes and let the warmth of mister Cortess body take over hers.

'Gloriaaaaa!!!' Jamie tried to catch up with Gloria but she wayyyy too fast. 'Oh, sorry, hehe.' Gloria stopped and waited for her sis to catch up. 'Please... Slower...' Jamie panted as Gloria showed a embaressed smile.

'I have one question... How are we going to rescue Aisha...?' Gloria asked as Jamie was still panting. Jamie stood up again and looked at gloria. 'That guy...' Jamie started thinking with her arms crossed. 'That guy, we don't know what he wants from Aisha, but we do know that there IS something he wants.' Jamie started mumbling. 'He has a large army...' Jamie added. 'We need a team!' Jamie slammed with her fist against her other arm.

'A... Team...?' Gloria winked a few times. 'Seriously?! You are smarter than anyone and that's all you can think of?!' Gloria shaked up Jamie who started to get dizzy. 'Hey cut that out!' Jamie wringed herself free and jumped away. 'Ofcourse not JUST a team, a team of people who are able to help us!' Jamie holded her head and thought a little more.

'Like adults and stuff, there must be a few that are great in martial arts and stuff.' Jamie said. Gloria was silent and glanced at Jamie with scared eyes. 'J-Jamie...' Gloria started pointing. 'Be quiet! I'm trying to think!' She snarled at her out of all the stress. 'S-sorry... What did you wanted to say?' Jamie apologized and turned to her.

'B-b-b-behin-.....' Gloria kept pointing at her. Jamie showed a lame face and sighed. 'There's something behind me or not...' Jamie asked Gloria who quickly nodded. Jamie took a look and saw a... Creature. A black creature with red eyes and claws. 'Ew, you look like those things out of Aisha's game...' Jamie insulted it and quickly got her gun. 'You better stay away or i kill you!' Jamie stood forward Gloria and pointed her gun at the creature. 'D-d-demon!' Gloria stuttered.

'Look what we have here... my snack?' The demon came closer. 'Don't bother pulling that trigger, girl.' The demon stood forward them. 'It won't kill me at all.' The demon took Jamie's gun and held it high. 'P-p-please don't eat us!' Gloria pleaded, almost crying. Jamie held her arms wide, protecting her from the demon, making sure she could run when she got eaten or taken over.

The demon smirked and trew the gun away. 'But i hadn't a good meal since ages!' The demon placed another step. 'I'm hungry, you know?' He opened his gigantic mouth. 'Gloria! Ruuunnn!!!' Jamie pushed her away, Gloria started crying. Jamie closed her eyes, ready to get eaten of possibly to get taken over by the demon.

'Not today.' A voice said, trowing the demon aside. When Jamie opened her eyes she saw a young man, with black hair, a black, long jacket and black jeans, black shoes and... Black wings?

'Are you okay?' The young man took a look at Jamie. Now she could see he also had a few white stripes in his hair and a weird white with blue scar on his right cheek, his eyes were yellowish too. He also wore a black short t-shirt to hide his chest, but you could see his belly. He wore a cross necklace and a gothic like bracelet, it was pretty obvious that he wasn't human at all.

'Y-yeah...' Jamie answered, glancing at him and winking a few times. 'Good, i'll get you two away from here.' The young man took Jamie under his left arm and flied over to Gloria and took her under his right arm. 'Who are you?! Let us go!!' Jamie slammed around trying to hurt him. 'I am Khaos, a demon.' He sighed while trying to keep the girl calm.

'A demon?!' Gloria shouted almost crying because she was caught by a demon. 'Meh, one that walked over to the good side, so don't worry about it.' He snickered. The girls sighed, both on the same time. 'T-this doesn't mean we trust you!' Jamie quickly said, clenching her fists. 'I guess you have to, i'm the one flying here, and i'm sorry, i didn't saw wings out your back.' Khaos smirked, glancing at the girl who looked mad at her.

'You better let us go now.' Jamie took her second and last gun and held it against Khaos's head. 'Okay~' Khaos immediately opened his arms while shrugging, letting the girls go and laughing of excitement.

'WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!' Both girls screamed as they were falling with high speed. 'I changed my mind! Catch ussss!!!!' Jamie was tearing up because of the wind getting into her eyes. Khaos sighed and flied down, catching the girls just on time before they hit the ground.

'T-thanks...' Jamie said, not having heard Gloria in awhile and glancing at her. 'Are you okay...?' Jamie asked her. Slowly a grin formed on Gloria's lips. 'That was awesome!!' Gloria cheered. 'Do it again! Do it again!' Gloria smiled brightly at the demon guy. 'Ok-' Khaos sentence got broken by Jamie's screaming. 'NOO! DON'T!!'

'Awwwww... Meanie.' Gloria sighed. 'Watch your glasses girl, we are going to land.' Khaos said to Jamie. Jamie wore glasses because her visual sight wasn't very good. Jamie grabbed her glasses and nodded. 'Okay...' She said quietly.
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