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^Copying what you did with your party (nothing better to do)

Updating journal
>Had Marill my water slave learn strength
>Made my way through Mt. Coronet
>Treenapped Snover
>Went to Lake Valor
>Destroyed Saturn and his slaves
>Flew to Twinleaf
>Said hi to momma
>beat up some grunts and Mabs (it's Mabs right?)
>Slathered honey on some trees
>slept for 7 hours
>Caught Burmy
>Started trip to Snowpoint City
>Burmy evolved into a Wormadam (officially bug/grass type!)
>still walking


Pokemon: Torterra
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Male
Level: 45
Nature: Quirky
Moves: Crunch, Earthquake, Synthesis, Wood Hammer
Ability: Overgrow

Pokemon: Roserade
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Male
Level: 43
Nature: Mild
Moves: Grass Knot, Ingrain, Petal Dance, Toxic
Ability: Poison Point

Pokemon: Snover
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Female
Level: 35
Nature: Bold
Moves: Swagger, Mist, Ice Shard, Ingrain
Ability: Snow Warning

Pokemon: Wormadam
Type: Bug/Grass
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Female
Level: 21
Nature: Rash
Moves: Protect, Tackle, Hidden Power
Ability: Anticipation

Pokemon: Cherrim
Type: Grass
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Female
Level: 40
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Takedown, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Magical Leaf
Ability: Flower Gift

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