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    Originally Posted by crowlover View Post
    Found some things in the Live Beta that carry over:

    “No” is capitalized in “Noctowl,” ” Nosepass,” “Normalize,” “No Guard” and the descriptions for Levitate, Normalize, and No Guard. (Present in the Live Beta, but not in the Alpha 3)
    Related to a bug fix. I will fix these momentarily.

    Originally Posted by crowlover View Post
    The stat names are still capitalized in the attack and ability descriptions
    This is a graphical thing. It is not text (or at least, I don't think it is, correct me if I'm wrong). It would be quite hard to fix if it is graphical, since, quite frankly, I'm not good at graphical aspects.

    Originally Posted by crowlover View Post
    Some old moves haven’t been updated for Gen V
    It'd be helpful if you could list which moves this refers to. Obviously, I have been concentrating on the Gen 4 and 5 moves and getting them to work, so I acknowledge that the Gen 1-3 moves are "wrong".

    Originally Posted by crowlover View Post
    Teleport, Sandstorm, Return, Frustration, Rapid Spin, Swallow, Spit Up, Magic Coat, Brick Break, Plus, Minus, Honey Gather, Multitype, and Sand Force have words capitalized in their descriptions

    Rock Smash is showing Master Ball’s description, and Whirlpool is showing the end of it

    “Speed” in Sand Rush is spelled “SPPED.”

    Not sure how many of these you’re already aware of, but…
    Thanks for these, I will fix them ASAP.
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