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Ryan had been searching for a clearing a lot longer than he had anticipated. He guessed it had been at least 2 hours since he had crash landed on the beach. He ached all over from the fall and the endless walking, it also didn't help that he had not eaten anything since leaving home about 20 hours ago.

Ryan continued searching for a clearing although, inside, he half knew that his search was all pointless. Ryan was just about to fall on his face and lie there from tiredness then he saw something up ahead. What was is?

"A cabin!" He yelled. Ryan ran towards the cabin with energy that he hadn't thought himself capable of after no food or sleep in almost an entire day. Ryan knocked on the door of the cabin. But there was no answer. Ryan tried the door. But it was locked.

"Now what." Ryan thought. "I could just lay down here and wait for someone to come by. Yes... I think I'll do that!"

So Ryan sat up against the cabin and waited. Infact he waited so long he fell asleep, into such a deep sleep however that he didn't notice the Misdreavus that was floating on the roof of the cabin just above his head.
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