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Chapter 5: Effort

The clamour of relaxed and hungry chatter filled the air. A week had passed and it was the end of another hot and tiresome day of work, and the knights enjoyed the cool shelter of the castle’s cafeteria. The Royal Knights, as well as many of the other inhabitants of the castle, occupied a very spacious room filled with many tables and seats.

Along one wall was a long, stone bar that separated the dining area from the kitchen. Digimon lined up alongside it, stopping at a large window where food was being served from. Two Knightmon in aprons manned the window, occasionally bringing out new food from the kitchen once they ran out of one thing. There were several different foods to choose from: meats, fish, vegetables, pasta, bread, and beverages.

Duftmon, Craniamon, Dynasmon, and Dukemon sat at a table with their meals, either focusing on eating or talking over the commotion around them.

Dynasmon stabbed his fork into a slab of meat, lifted it up and took a bite out of it. “I have to say, Rhodo really outdid himself with this meat this time,” he said with a grin and a mouthful of meat.

“And your table manners are as appalling as ever,” Duftmon muttered, eyeing Dynasmon’s eating habits with a look of disgust. The leopard digimon looked down and went back to meticulously cutting his piece of fish before bringing it up and into his mouth, and then dabbing his mouth formally with his napkin.

“How’s the wound doing, Craniamon?” Dukemon asked, looking across from him at the violet knight. He grinned a bit. “I don’t know how you gave it time to heal with all that training you’ve done recently.”

“Hmph,” Craniamon replied. He stretched out his arm, flexing it in and out experimentally. “It’s healed enough. I still can’t believe that that measly Gryphomon got in that lucky shot...” he said.

“Lucky shot. Right,” Dukemon chuckled, tearing off a piece of bread.

Dynasmon grinned and looked over at Craniamon. “Hey, don’t try so hard. Nobody’s perfect,” he explained.

“I suppose you would know,” Duftmon muttered, not looking up at him.

Dynasmon gave Duftmon a flat look before flicking a piece of potato right between Duftmon’s eyes. Duftmon paused and slowly raised his eyes, fixing a cold glare on Dynasmon, who was now grinning widely.

Dukemon stifled a chuckle, but his smile soon faded upon noticing Examon walk through the crowd. He watched as the new Royal Knight took his tray of food to a table off to the side that had nobody sitting at it.

“Poor guy,” Dynasmon said, following Dukemon’s gaze over to Examon. “Not very sociable, is he?”

“He probably still feels bad about last week,” Dukemon explained.

Craniamon and Duftmon both turned around, looking over their shoulders to see what their fellow knights were talking about. Upon seeing Examon, their expressions bent into frowns.

“He should,” Craniamon said, turning around and going back to eating.

“It serves him right,” Duftmon agreed, nodding. “That plan was flawless.”

Craniamon glanced over at Duftmon. “Apparently it wasn’t. You didn’t account for a dragon who thinks he knows better,” he explained.

Duftmon narrowed his eyes. “That’s hardly my fault,” he replied.

Dynasmon sighed and shook his head, shaking his meat-garnished fork at them, inadvertently getting some of its juices on Duftmon’s salad. “You two aren’t exactly making it easy for Examon to get comfortable and fit in.”

Duftmon narrowed his eyes and daintily removed a juice-covered piece of lettuce from his bowl with disgust. “Would you rather I lie about the way I feel about him?” he asked.

Dynasmon grinned. “...Yes? But we all know you can’t lie to save your life.”

“I wouldn’t let myself be put in a situation where I would need to lie to save my life,” Duftmon answered.

Meanwhile, the crimson knight Dukemon shook his head and looked over at Examon. “I think I’ll go join him,” he said, standing up with his tray.

Dynasmon looked up at Dukemon. “Want me to come along?”

“Don’t worry about it, Dynasmon. I just want to have a chat with him,” Dukemon replied, smiling reassuringly. “I appreciate the offer though.”

Dynasmon nodded as Dukemon left their table. “Well, if he wants to waste his breath...” Duftmon muttered.

“Hey, he spent his time talking to you two, didn’t he?” Dynasmon joked.

Dukemon proceeded around passing digimon over to the side of the cafeteria. He sat down on a wooden seat across the table from Examon, looking at him with a grin. Examon looked up at him curiously.

“Remember how you said you’d try to be more of a team player?” Dukemon asked, smiling at Examon a little.

Examon raised his eyebrow, not sure what Dukemon was getting at. “...Yes?”

“Well, you know, Examon... sitting all alone at a table isn’t a very good start.”

Examon rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Oh, right... Force of habit, I guess,” he replied, looking around. “Besides, I didn’t think anybody would want to sit with me after what I did last week.”

Dukemon smiled a bit. “Hey, there’s me, for one,” the red Royal Knight replied. “There’s them.” He looked over to a table where Magnamon, Sleipmon, and UlforceVeedramon was sitting. “Sleipmon and Magnamon like you, right? And you and Ulforce have been getting along better. ...The more you think of yourself as an oddball, the more others will agree that you are. Prove them wrong by making an effort; Yggdrasil knows that we have more quirky Royal Knights than you.”

Examon grinned slightly. “...I suppose you’re right. I’ll try to,” he answered. “You make it seem so easy, though, Dukemon. You’re so relaxed and there’s no reason for anybody to have second thoughts about being your friend.”

Dukemon looked down for a moment, but then looked back up with a smile, scratching at his cheek with his index finger as he did. “...Yeah. I suppose. Though not everybody likes my hotheadedness, which, I admit, is very understandable,” Dukemon said.

“And not everybody likes my taciturn nature,” Examon said, grinning.

“So we both have flaws; I’m doing okay, aren’t I?” Dukemon asked with a smile. “You know I’m right, Examon.”

Examon rolled his eyes and stood up. “Okay, okay,” he said, though smiling. “I’ll go try making friends.”

The large dragon man took his tray of food and began to walk over to the table that Magnamon, Sleipmon, and UlforceVeedramon were sitting at, seeing a vacant seat beside UlforceVeedramon. As Examon walked away, Dukemon stood up at the table. His gold eyes looked down and he rubbed at his chest slightly. Without another word, Dukemon turned and walked towards the exit.

Examon, meanwhile, approached the table with a bit of uncertainty. “Erm... Excuse me,” he spoke, getting the three Royal Knights’ attention. “May I join you?”

“Oh, heyyyy, Ex-sama!” UlforceVeedramon greeted with a teasing smile. “Couldn’t find your throne?”

Magnamon glared at the larger blue knight. “Ulforce... Of course you can, Examon.”

Examon nodded and sat down beside UlforceVeedramon, although he was slightly uncomfortable with the fact that their large wings were touching the other’s. Nevertheless, he grinned at UlforceVeedramon. “Oh, I’m sure I’ll survive...” he replied.

UlforceVeedramon chuckled, enjoying the fact that Examon could laugh at himself. “Well, I’d say that that pyramid incident last week was actually a blessing in disguise. It brought you down a few pegs, so now you should be able to fit in with us better,” he said with a grin.

Examon’s cheeks tinted. “Yeah, but you don’t have to keep bringing it up...”

Sleipmon chuckled and ate a forkful of carrots. “Don’t mind Ulforce. Once he gets his teeth into something juicy like that, he won’t let go. Like the time Magnamon here almost drowned,” he explained.

“Sleipmon!” Magnamon protested, but it was too late.

UlforceVeedramon laughed and looked at Magnamon. “Oh yeah! You were splashing around. And I remember that cute little scream you made while you were sinking,” he said with a chuckle. He then went on to mimic the scream Magnamon made. UlforceVeedramon went out of his way make the mock-scream sound exaggeratedly high-pitched and girly.

Sleipmon grinned widely. “I hear that for Magnamon’s birthday that year, UlforceVeedramon bought him a pair of water wings.”

As a favour to Magnamon, Examon tried his best not to chuckle. Magnamon’s face was bright red with embarrassment and he was glaring daggers at UlforceVeedramon. “You are dead, Ulforce,” he said, putting his gold helmet on to cover his blushing.

Examon rubbed the back of his neck. “...Well... why don’t we settle all our differences with that ‘pool’ game?”

Sleipmon raised an eyebrow curiously but smiled. “You want to play, Examon?” he asked, enjoying the idea.

Examon nodded. “I’d... like to learn, if you guys are willing to teach me.”

UlforceVeedramon smiled. “Sure! Competition’s been pretty stale, recently.” He cast a grin at Magnamon, who frowned harder.

“I’m in,” Magnamon agreed, very eager to put UlforceVeedramon in his place.

“Great!” Sleipmon said, standing up and smiling. “Then let’s go show Examon how it’s done.”


A few tables away, Alphamon, Omegamon, and OuRyuumon sat and finished up eating their meals while talking. Alphamon and OuRyuumon sat on one side, and Omegamon sat on the other, across from Alphamon.

Omegamon watched as Examon, UlforceVeedramon, Magnamon, and Sleipmon all stood up and began heading for the exit. The white knight turned back to Alphamon with a faint grin.

Alphamon smirked at Omegamon and put his fork down. “Have something to say, Omegamon? ‘I told you so’, maybe...?” the black knight asked his friend.

“Well, you have to admit, Alphamon, he’s doing better than before. For the most part, they have warmed up to him...” Omegamon responded.

“So his first mission back was a good one. Big deal!” OuRyuumon said, glaring at Examon as he left with the other three. “He still screwed up that first mission pretty good.”

“A few of the knights, notwithstanding... “ Alphamon said, grinning at Omegamon.

“It’s still progress, OuRyuumon,” Omegamon said, before taking a sip of water. “I bet you two will be friends sooner than you think.”

OuRyuumon laughed out loud mockingly. “Hahahah! Me and Exa-twit? Yeah, right!” the tall, gold dragon retorted, snickering. “Maybe I’ll trade in my swords for a broom and go become somebody’s maid while I’m at it!”

Out of the corners of his eyes, Alphamon glanced at OuRyuumon. The image of OuRyuumon dressed up in a maid’s uniform had entered his mind, making him grin. “Maybe...” he spoke, subtly teasing him.

OuRyuumon nudged Alphamon’s arm with his elbow, his gold scales tinting red slightly. Omegamon raised an eyebrow in confusion but remained silent. OuRyuumon cleared his throat. “Anyways, enough about Examon; I don’t want to lose the delicious supper RhodoKnightmon made.”

“What?” a voice said. They looked up and saw RhodoKnightmon, who was wearing a rose-themed apron, walking over to their table. “A compliment on my cooking from OuRyuumon? Well then, it must be especially good tonight.”

“You’ve outdone yourself, as usual, Rhodo,” Alphamon told the pink knight, wiping his own mouth with his napkin before folding it and putting it on the table.

“And you’re such a gentleman, as usual, Alphamon,” RhodoKnightmon responded, smiling. He looked over at OuRyuumon. “You could learn a thing or two from him, OuRyuumon.”

OuRyuumon flushed a bit at RhodoKnightmon’s words, wondering what exactly he was implying. He hoped it wasn’t what he thought it was. “What’s that supposed to mean?!” he demanded defensively.

“It means, my tall, lavender-haired friend, that your manners are virtually non-existent,” RhodoKnightmon explained.

“For the last time, my hair is not lavender!” OuRyuumon protested, probably more passionately than he should have.

“It is so. And anyways, what’s wrong with Examon?” Rhodo asked. “Have you not seen his toned muscles and sculpted physique?”

“No, I haven’t! I mean... I have, but... I’m not gay, unlike you!” OuRyuumon finished, blushing quite a bit. Alphamon struggled not to roll his eyes at OuRyuumon’s clumsy cover up. “I just don’t think he deserves to be a Royal Knight!”

Omegamon looked over at OuRyuumon. “What will it take for you to accept him?”

“Well... making me a Royal Knight wouldn’t hurt,” OuRyuumon mumbled, glancing at Alphamon beside him.

“We’ve talked about this, OuRyuumon...” Alphamon spoke, glancing at him back, tilting his head to look up at the tall dragon digimon.

“Yeah, yeah...” OuRyuumon muttered indignantly, looking away.

Despite his words, OuRyuumon moved his claws and took Alphamon’s hand, gripping it tightly and warmly, under the table and hidden from Omegamon and RhodoKnightmon’s view. Alphamon’s expression didn’t change, but he squeezed his lover’s hand back tenderly.

A few seconds later, once he was satisfied, OuRyuumon let go of Alphamon’s hand and turned to him as if nothing happened. “What were you telling Omegamon and I before? You said you were talking to KaiserGreymon about something?”

“Oh!” RhodoKnightmon interjected. “Was he trying to see if you were a bunny digimon again?”

“No,” Alphamon said flatly, although the rabbit topic had come up... much to his annoyance.

RhodoKnightmon put his hands on his hips and frowned, looking at Alphamon. “You know, you and KaiserGreymon would make a good couple. You’re both big, strong, handsome leaders...”

“Except for the fact that I’m straight,” Alphamon spoke casually. “And I’m sure KaiserGreymon is, as well.”

“And, no, they wouldn’t make a good couple!” OuRyuumon blurted out.

RhodoKnightmon turned to OuRyuumon. “Then what do you think?” he asked the tall dragon. “KaiserGreymon and AncientGarurumon? Or Alphamon and Omegamon, here?”

Omegamon flushed and nearly spat out his mouthful of stew, but luckily had enough self control to swallow it. “Rhodo! Enough of your relationship fantasies!”

Alphamon nodded and glanced at the pink knight. “Yeah. We’re just friends.”

“Then why don’t you find yourself a girlfriend, Alphamon?” Rhodo asked.

For a brief moment, Alphamon stalled. “I’m far too busy for a relationship,” he explained, not looking at OuRyuumon at all through any part of the conversation.

“...Haven’t we gotten kind of off-topic here?” OuRyuumon asked, a flat expression painted on his face as he tapped his claws on the table with annoyance.

Alphamon nodded. “KaiserGreymon said he heard a rumour. Something about a Baronmon supposedly having a prophetic vision and then saying ‘Beware the black night’.”

“Sounds ominous,” RhodoKnightmon mused.

“Do you put any merit in it?” Omegamon asked, looking at Alphamon with curiosity.

“I’m not sure yet...” he admitted. “However, it had KaiserGreymon concerned, and that’s enough to make me concerned. I think I’m going to travel out to the village tomorrow and see for myself what the Baronmon has to say.”

“I’ll come!” OuRyuumon decided. He then grinned excitedly. “Maybe there will be some thugs whose butts I’ll get to kick.”

“I’ll come as well,” Omegamon said to him.

Alphamon looked at RhodoKnightmon. “Rhodo, can you tell Dukemon he’s in charge while we’re gone?”

“Not a problem, Alphamon,” RhodoKnightmon replied. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to cooking. There’s many chatty mouths to feed.”

OuRyuumon glanced at Omegamon. He was a bit annoyed that the white knight as coming along too. He was hoping to get a bit of alone time with Alphamon. However, he wasn’t too bothered; he could just make time to be with Alphamon on the trip. He doubted that Omegamon would be hanging around them the entire time, even if he and Alphamon were close. “So, I guess it’s just the three of us, huh?”

Alphamon nodded. “I don’t want to pull any of the others away from their duties. Besides, the three of us are more than enough for a simple thing like this.”

OuRyuumon nodded and stood up from the table. “Okay, well, I’m gonna go relax. Later, guys,” he said, walking away from them.

Omegamon watched as OuRyuumon left, and then turned to Alphamon. “If there’s one thing he could stand to do, it’s relax...”

Alphamon grinned. “It’s just too bad that fighting is one of the things that helps him do just that.”


A long, slender, wooden rod collided with a white sphere with a satisfying ‘thwack’ and sent the ball colliding with a red one, knocking it straight into a side pocket of the rectangular pool table. Bent forward over the table, Examon pulled the stick back and stood up straight. He propped the pool stick up and rested it on his shoulder and collar like he would his lance.

He, Sleipmon, UlforceVeedramon, and Magnamon stood in the leisure room. He heard Sleipmon give an impressed whistle and trot closer to the table. Examon turned to him and noticed Magnamon grinning smugly at UlforceVeedramon, who had a disbelieving look on his face.

“Are you sure you’ve never played before, Examon?” Sleipmon asked him, looking at the balls remaining on the pool table. Examon had two whereas UlforceVeedramon still had five.

“How are you so good?!” UlforceVeedramon demanded, looking across the table at Examon. “You’ve never played before, but you’re almost as good as Dukemon?!”

“It’s nothing really,” Examon insisted, letting his pool stick fall into his other claws as he turned to face his opponent. “It’s just like aiming a lance, except lighter. My experience with my Ambrosius is probably why I picked up on it so quickly.”

Sleipmon folded his arms and nodded, seeming to think. “That could be why Dukemon’s so good at pool as well.”

“Not so unbeatable now, are you, Ulforce?” Magnamon asked, smiling.

UlforceVeedramon shot the smaller blue digimon a glare. “He hasn’t won yet,” he said as he leaned forward to ready his shot. “And I’m still better than you, my pint-sized friend.”

Magnamon rolled his eyes and went back to sitting on a chair. Examon observed as UlforceVeedramon very precisely aimed his next shot. It was obvious that he was getting serious now.

“Hmm...” Examon accidentally said aloud as he thought of something. Upon seeing Magnamon’s and Sleipmon’s glances, he decided to voice the thoughts. “Is Dukemon always so kind?”

“Kind?” Sleipmon asked before giving Examon a smile. “Well, he believes that everybody should be treated fairly. It’s something I agree with... I haven’t been around as long as Alphamon, Omegamon or Dukemon, but I do know that, yes, Dukemon is very kind.”

Magnamon nodded in agreement. But then he seemed to think of something else. “As long as you don’t make him mad... “ he added.

Examon frowned. “Everybody says he has a fiery temper, but I haven’t seen much of that, myself,” he explained, still watching as UlforceVeedramon readied his shot.

Sleipmon rubbed the back of his head as he took on a sheepish expression. “I didn’t believe it at first either. Give it a few weeks, Examon,” he explained, smiling.

“I don’t doubt you, but still...” Examon replied, remembering how nice and supportive Dukemon had been.

“Guys...” UlforceVeedramon said unsurely, glancing over at the three.

Magnamon rubbed his chin in thought. “Do you think the anger has to do with--“

UlforceVeedramon’s eyes widened. “Magnamon! Don’t mention that! What if he walks in again?!”

At that moment, a tall figure appeared in the doorway, right in Ulforce’s view. “Hey, guys-“ the voice began to say.

“Yah!” UlforceVeedramon shouted in surprise, the jolt making him hit the cue ball with the pool stick hard. The blue dragon man’s eye twitched when the white ball flew off the table and impacted painfully with the figure’s face. UlforceVeedramon gulped, as the ball seemed to stick there for a few seconds before falling to the ground.

“...OW! What the hell, Ulforce?! Don’t you know how to aim?! Yggdrasil!” the figure demanded, storming into the room. As the digimon walked into the light, Examon saw that it wasn’t Dukemon, but OuRyuumon.

Upon seeing that it wasn’t Dukemon, UlforceVeedramon sighed with relief. “Oh... It’s just you, OuRyuumon...”

OuRyuumon’s eye twitched and he balled up his fists with anger. “What do you mean, ‘just me’?!”

“He just thought that you were somebody else, is all,” Examon explained, reiterating for UlforceVeedramon since the sentence came out rather badly.

“Who asked you, dumbass?!” OuRyuumon snapped at him.

Examon narrowed his eyes a little but remained calm in the face of OuRyuumon’s ire and insults. “...Do you have a problem with me, OuRyuumon?”

“Wow, and you figured it out all by yourself, too!” OuRyuumon said. “Yeah, maybe I do!”

UlforceVeedramon smiled a bit. “Okay, Goldy. Just relax. You’ll burst a blood vessel.”

“Why?” Examon asked the tall, gold dragon, looking into his angry, purple irises questioningly.

OuRyuumon stomped up to him and poked Examon’s chest with his claw. “Okay. You want to know?! I should be a Royal Knight right now. Not you!”

“So you’re jealous that I was made a Royal Knight?”

“I’m not jealous! I’m pissed off that Alphamon made somebody like you a Royal Knight over somebody like me!” OuRyuumon snarled.

“It’s his choice, isn’t it?” Examon countered. “Aren’t you his friend?”

OuRyuumon sneered. “Don’t act like you know something about me and him! You’ve been here for, what, a week? I’ve known Alphamon for years!”

Examon folded his arms, getting more and more annoyed at all the wrath he had been receiving. “Maybe it’s because Alphamon knows you so well that he knows making you a Royal Knight would be a bad idea...” he retorted.

Magnamon and Sleipmon exchanged looks. This was the first time they had witnessed Examon stand up for himself instead of turning the other cheek. UlforceVeedramon just watched with a smile.

OuRyuumon clenched his fists, looking like he was ready to attack Examon. “Why you!”

“OuRyuumon!” a stern voice boomed from behind him, the commanding tone causing everyone in the room to stiffen or flinch a bit.

OuRyuumon lowered his fists and looked over his shoulder. Alphamon stood in the doorway, staring at them disapprovingly while folding his arms across his chest. “Alphamon...” he spoke, a faint hint of nervousness in his tone. However, his confidence returned and he folded his arms back at him in defiance. “...What?”

“Both of you, stop. You’re on a team whether you like it or not. Act like teammates,” Alphamon ordered unshakably.

Examon nodded quietly in response, while OuRyuumon gave a ‘hmph’.

Alphamon looked at OuRyuumon specifically. “Come with me. Now. We need to talk.”

“Whatever...” OuRyuumon muttered, walking over to the shorter knight. He looked over his shoulder and gave Examon a final glare before following Alphamon out into the hallway.

Once in the hallway, Alphamon led him down the corridor towards the wing of the castle where their living quarters were. “OuRyuumon...” the Lord of the Empty Seat said in a disapproving, exasperated tone, making it clear that he wasn’t happy with the dragon’s behaviour.

“...What?” OuRyuumon asked, folding his arms as he followed. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the situation.

“You know what,” Alphamon told him, walking down a connecting corridor that led to the hallways where the Royal Knights’ rooms were.

OuRyuumon grunted and looked off to the side. “Yeah. You’re mad that I yelled at your precious new knight,” he said with obvious resentment.

Alphamon let out an audible sigh and continued walking. “You know I don’t play favourites, OuRyuumon...”

“No, only non-favourites.”

Alphamon was silent as he opened the doorway to his room and turned around to look at OuRyuumon with a firm gaze. “Get in...”

OuRyuumon narrowed his eyes. “What if I don’t- !” The shorter digimon interrupted him by grabbing OuRyuumon’s wrist and yanking him in the room. “H-Hey!”

OuRyuumon stumbled into a large, spacious bedroom. In the room was a large, lavish bed, a desk with several documents on it, a bookshelf, a dresser, and an armour and weapons rack, among other things.

Closing the door behind them, Alphamon looked into OuRyuumon’s milky violet eyes. “Please, OuRyuumon... This isn’t all about Examon... I don’t need another person questioning my decision over and over again. Duftmon pretty much already thinks that I’m unfit to lead the Royal Knights. Craniamon thinks I made a bad decision too. If you, one of my closest friends, second guesses me too...”

OuRyuumon frowned a bit. “...Just ‘one of your closest friends’...?” he asked him.

Alphamon smiled a little at him. “Much more...” he replied. “But the others don’t know about us.”

“I know...” OuRyuumon said with a sigh. He looked back into Alphamon’s eyes. “It’s not like I’m going around calling you a bad leader or anything... In fact... you’re a great leader. It’s just I don’t like that damn Examon guy.”

“You don’t like him? Or you don’t like the fact that he’s a Royal Knight and you’re not?” Alphamon asked knowingly.

OuRyuumon didn’t respond for a few moments. “...Both! Whatever. Does it matter?”

“You can try to like him... And if you can’t do that, can you at least try to be civil with him? For the sake of the team? Because that attitude you showed in there isn’t the makings of a Royal Knight, OuRyuumon...”

The serpentine dragon grimaced and glared a bit at Alphamon.

“...Please, OuRyuumon,” Alphamon said in a gentler tone, knowing he made a misstep. “I’m not asking you as your leader. I’m asking you as your lover... As a personal favour to me, can you please just try to get along with him?”

After a several, long moments of thought, OuRyuumon folded his arms and looked away. “...I’ll try,” he decided. He looked down at the black-armoured Royal Knight in front of him. “But... only because I love you...” A small, warm smile formed on the dragon’s face.

Alphamon returned the grin kindly. “Thank you,” he answered, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around OuRyuumon’s lean body, looking up at the tall dragon digimon. “I love you too...”

He leaned up and planted a tender kiss on OuRyuumon’s lips, which the dragon man immediately returned, sighing contently.

“Alphamon...” OuRyuumon murmured affectionately. He placed one hand on Alphamon’s shoulder and the other behind the knight’s head, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

Alphamon intensified the kiss and continued it for several weighty moments, before pulling away and looking up at OuRyuumon with a tiny smirk. OuRyuumon returned the excited, mischievous grin, looking down at his lover. “I get the feeling you want something more than just a talk, Alphamon...”

The Royal Knight smiled a bit wider. “I may be the Lord of the Empty Seat, but I’m not the Lord of the Empty Bed...” he replied.

OuRyuumon chuckled and his claws started playing with the buckles and fasteners of Alphamon’s armour. “Oh, I know that all too well...”

Without another word, the two resumed their passionate kiss and OuRyuumon hastily began to remove the armour from Alphamon’s body. As that happened, Alphamon pulled off OuRyuumon’s gloves and arm bracers while leading his dragon over to the bed.


A long, unrestrained moan echoed through a dimly lit room. The air was heavy with the aroma of sweat, and shaky breaths filled the silence between the groans and grunts.

“I’m almost finished...” a voice said from behind.

Anubismon nodded weakly and winced in pain as a needle and surgical thread entered his wing once again and pulled the skin underneath the feathers closer together. Behind him was a Wizardmon, who was stitching up the large hole in Anubismon’s wing that Examon had made.

BlackMetalGarurumon watched with a frown. “I’m going get him for this...” he growled.

“No,” Anubismon said through a hiss of pain and discomfort. “We... stick to the plan, brother...”

“You sure...?” BlackMetalGarurumon asked.

Anubismon glared hard in front of him, clenching his fists tightly. “We have to now... We weren’t supposed to be driven back. Now, it’s only a matter of time before the Royal Knights connect the two of us to the attack.”

“That means they’ll come here to our town and castle to arrest us!” BlackMetalGarurumon said.

“Not if we attack the UDC and get a firm foothold there,” Anubismon growled. “I’m not going to let this be all for nothing. Not when I have so much to gain.”

BlackMetalGarurumon frowned at him, watching as the Wizardmon physician finished stitching his wing and wrapped some bandages around it. “Whatever you decide to do, Master Anubismon, you shouldn’t use that wing for several days,” the Wizardmon said.

“Damnit... Fine. Thanks,” he hissed, nodding at the Wizardmon to signal him to leave. The Wizardmon nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

“Uh... but Bro?” BlackMetalGarurumon questioned. “They’re going to be expecting us now. Both the Dramons and the Royal Knights. I don’t think the two of us can win, even if we are pretty damn strong. Besides, you’ve got a screwed up wing!”

“It won’t just be the two of us...” Anubismon explained, grunting in pain as he moved his wounded wing slightly.

“...It won’t?”

Anubismon shook his head, his eyes darkening. “Now... it’s all or nothing...” he muttered. “I’m using up the family fortune... All of it. If we just sit around and let ourselves be arrested, it would just be wasted anyways... Going to pay the strongest mercenaries I can find to fight for us. We’re going to attack the United Dramonic Coalition with everything at my disposal...”

Anubismon grinned darkly and stood to his feet.

“Nobody, not even the Royal Knights, are going to stand in my way...”
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