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Your name/What you want to be called: Jbsundown

Position: Scripter (I would rate myself a 5-6/10 on scripting). Storywriter.

When you're on and timezone: Almost whenever I am GMT timezone.

Proof of Work: I have no proof for my scripting work as they have just been small practices on ROMs nothing to special, I have never made a game before as such but I know XSE scripting well enough. For storywriting I have a story in my signature that I wrote when I was 10, I have revived and edited it. I also helped my brother write a script for a full length film that he never got around to shooting.

Way of contact: PM, email ([email protected]), skype (Jbsundown).

Why you want to join: I want to work on a ROM! And this one looks amazing! I have seen others that look good but have lots of Fakémon which I dislike but I can see that yours doesn't which is great! I also think that the storyline looks amazing and the map looks great!

I hope I get accepted and can start working whenever I am told what to do!

- JB
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