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Originally Posted by Crystal Spirit Version View Post
I am not keen what so ever on the backsprite of tortuga because its hard to tell what it is! Like it doesn't look like a tortuga. Sorry, everything else is perfect!!
Thank you for your suggestion, but I won't be changing it. It looks just fine to me, and so far you're the only one that said it doesn't look like a Tirtouga.

If you think that's bad, then take a look at this:

What is this? Is this some weird blue ball thing that can open and close with those four square things? Is that really supposed to be a Metagross?

Wait what? The body is too small and gets cut off in a weird shape by one of its legs. Oh and there's a floating Beldum where one of its legs should be. wat

With that said, if Game Freak can get away with using a pile of blue rocks as Metagross's backsprite, then I think I can get away with my Tirtouga sprite, which I used the B/W sprite as a reference.

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