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    Candice Greyson

    All it did was carve into the cruxite dowel, making a very irregular shape. When it stopped spinning, and being carved into, my hands find the right place to press on. Lifting it up, I was caught off guard by the distant screams coming from the outside. Curious, I look out the window and almost drop the cruxite. There, in the sky, was the meteor. It was close enough for me to notice small details. The smoke, the red sky, and the neighbors shrieking and running amok in panic. Even Fluffysprite was going wild as he switched from blue to red. It was so close though, meaning my time was now limited and very short.

    "Oh my-I have to go faster!" I tell myself. Now is the time to use that energy I saved up. All those years of skateboarding helped me stay in shape after all.

    Sprinting across the hallway and jumping over the puddle of water, Fluffysprite followed me with ease. Entering my room, the timer on the device was nearing it's end. Not knowing what to do, I drop the cruxite and rush over to the laptop. As expected, Frauder responded once more.

    CF: From what I've seen, magic is real and you'd better believe it ;}
    CF: Oh, your kernelsprite got prototyped twice?
    CF: That's... not good for you. But so much more fun for me~!
    CF: And you have your totem. Now it's time for the real magic, honey :}
    CF: Place the totem in the right spot on the... the Alchemiter.
    CF: Before that meteor strikes, preferably. You only have a couple of minutes left, I think. Judging from the screams coming from your neighbors who have just realized that they are doomed~ ;}
    CF: I can't hear them, no. But I can imagine. Oh, I can imagine~!~!! The sky turning red already? Must be immensely scary where you are now!!~~~

    AM: Well, I do believe in magic...always have deep inside.
    AM: How is it not good? Probably Vinnie's doing, since I didn't even know I still had that old Rubiks Cube...
    AM: Very scary it is. I could hear their screams in the kitchen.
    AM: And I'll do just that with the dowel.
    AM: Be back.

    Jumping off the chair, Fluffysprite's reactions only made me even more nervous. Without hesitating, I lift the dowel and dash towards the device right beside me. Desperately looking for the right spot to put it on, I put it on the biggest platform. Nothing happened, so I snatched the dowel and put it on the small, hopefully correct spot, and watch as Fluffysprite bounced everywhere in circles....