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Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
So you didn't vote for CrystalDust just because it's a remake? I'm okay with you voting for Snakewood, but being a remake doesn't mean that it's a bad hack, and you're supposed to judge based on quality, not necessarily originality.
I will vote on every aspect of the hack, including originality. In my opinion there is no point in making a remake when there are a countless amount of them already out there, the reason Shiny Gold was loved so much is because it was new, it hadn't been done and everyone wanted a remake. Now we have Shiny Gold, Liquid Crystal, Oro Sole, that one on WAH, the one ZodiacDaGreat made, tons of newbies have tried to make one, your own hack, and even Game Freak made remakes.

Now think about it. Do we really need another one? Seriously? No thinking goes into it, you're not writing your own plot, you're not making your own sprites--well, other than the few people that take a sprite from the originals and change the colours on it thinking it looks good--you're not making your own maps, you're barely doing anything at all, you're porting Game Freak's work from their game into yours.

I'm not saying your hack is bad, it could be a really amazing hack, but I don't feel we need more remakes, there are very few original hacks out there, Snakewood is without a doubt one of the most original, whereas remakes are the least. I think Snakewood has tons of flaws, but I'm voting for it because it is more original than the others and new hackers should be aspiring to make something that will have people gripped and entertained, something different that people can gain ideas from, as a community should, instead of something that everyone and their mother has done.
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