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Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
That's much better, now that I can see clearly I can tell you that for the most part they are very good. I just have two pieces of criticism for you if you're interested in improving.
First is the third evolution of the Grass type starter, I like the ideas behind it the Only issue is that the borders aren't all there and some of the parts that were supposed to be white have become clear when you were cutting it into the picture.
I know, but I hadn't thought about that until it was too late, and so it isn't right now. Do you think I went too far with him?
The Second is only minor and it's up to you whether you do but, the colour schemes make it very obvious to who was involved in the fusion, the Spearow/Tailow one for example. Again it's on you if you change the colour schemes that's just a recommendation.
Thank you, but that's what I meant to do. I try to make them look like their own pokemon, but also try to show which pokemon i used in making.
Also that Steel Bug one is my new favourite
? What bug/steel type? Arakneedle, the spider? Yeah, I guess he could be a bug steel type!
Thanks for the help, I can PM you new creations if you want!
Want to be friends? Plus, I can give you names if you want.Just VM me a request of an unknown name you want to know, and I will gladly tell you, although I will tell you the 6 in my banner.
Cornglob, the Corncob Slime Pokemon
Arakneedle, the Arachnid Pokemon
Flockerrell, the Cockerell Pokemon
Vultini, the Fox Pokemon
Swampbatt, the Vampire Bat Pokemon
Electrat, the Big Rat Pokemon
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