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    Ignis sits perched on a tree branch overlooking route 203. It’s been two days since he last ate and he was well aware that momentarily there will be a caravan passing under him delivering goods to the adults of Jubilife. He begins thinking of the misery he’ll cause the adults by stealing their supplies when the caravan comes into view.

    Alright, show time. We’ll start with a Double Team to throw them off guard.

    Ignis splits himself into four separate forms all still sitting on the branch. Once the caravan is within range the four figures leap from the tree landing in front of the cart, startling the driver. “Hand over the goods and I may let you live to see tomorrow.” Ignis proclaims to the adult in front of him as the three fake figures merge back into him, though he had no intention of letting the man walk away from here.

    That chance,” the man replied surprisingly calm, “get him!” With that a figure emerged from the back of the cart. It was a child, seemingly around his own age. But what’s more is this child had a morphed look. "A Spirit Wielder, I hadn’t planned on this but it could be fun I guess, looks like her spirit is a Chikorita judging by her looks. "

    This will be easy” Ignis‘s body turns a faint red and he releases a white fire with a red-orange flame spiralling around it at the caravan and the other Spirit Wielder. The girl is surrounded by the flames but jumps up into the air releasing a Razor Leaf attack. “Humph, you couldn’t go down easy huh?” he says as he takes in a deep breath and releases a powerful five-pointed blast of orange fire from his mouth at the girl and the leafs.

    The leafs disappear into burnt ash as the Fire Blast smashes into the girl causing her to fall to the ground hard. Ignis then turns his attention back at the man and the caravan, his flames from Overheat just starting to burn out. They served their purpose, keeping the adult put until he disposed of the girl.

    Now where were we?” he asks with a grin appearing on his face. “P-P-Please, d-don’t hurt m-me.” the man begs. “To late, I gave you a chance to run earlier.” Ignis‘s eyes flash light blue. The man then becomes surrounded by a light blue aura and floats towards Ignis “You should have just ran like the coward you are.” when he finished speaking his eyes flashed red and the man was tossed several miles into the air. Where he landed was of no concern to Ignis as he was doubtful the man would survive.

    He walked over to the girl from earlier and peered down at her, “Now, it’s your turn.” Ignis said extending his hand out towards the girl. Suddenly a figure appeared in front of him, “Fulgur, get out of the way.” Ignis looks at his brother. “No brother, let this one live, she was unaware of her actions.” Fulgur turns to the girl, “Let this be a lesson to you about working for adults. Next time I may not be near to stop my brother.

    Go now Ignis.” Fulgur said pointing to the caravan. Ignis walks over, lifting the cart above his head, “Your strength comes in handy my friend, thank you.” he says to Torch. “You are most welcome.” Torch replies.

    Ignis's body glows white and he disappears. Seconds later, he reappears in a secluded area of a forest. Placing the caravan on the ground he begins rummaging through it for food. He pulls out a loaf of bread and walks over to a large rock taking a seat. He cuts the loaf in half and tosses one half into the air biting into the remaining portion.

    Fulgur appears from thin air catching the other half, taking a bite as he lands. “So, that went well, how much food do we have?” He turned looking at the caravan.
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