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    Originally Posted by korjamer View Post
    I replaced the followpokemon script in my game for the alternate forms fix that zingzags came up with and now only shiny Pokemon follow me... The sprites for regular Pokemon are invisible. Are they named wrong? If so how should I name them?

    Edit: I found that if I change the Pokemon's form to 1 with the debug editor The regular (non shiny) sprite works... But I have to do it manually... Also the shiny doesn't appear on form 1...

    And just for reference in my characters folder they are named:
    001, 001s, 001_1, 001s_1, ect...
    The debug issue is something that Maruno needs to know about, I encountered the same issue trying to change my pokemon's from through the debug editor. But it works 100% my pokemon do show up shiny no matter what form they are in.

    Take a picture of your folder, I want to see how is it named inside.
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