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    After a year or two of not playing at all, I picked HG up again and tried my hand at the Frontier. Most of my Pokemon are still in Diamond, so I just threw a team together from the IV-bred and EV-trained ones I had transferred to HG. Then I found out this team worked surprisingly well. :D

    Unfortunately I have forgotten the exact IVs and EV spreads... But, feel free to suggest some spreads, 'cause they can still be re-trained.
    (IVs can't be changed, but i recall them being high in the right stats. )
    (Brackets on items because this will also be used at the Arcade)


    Leading off with...

    [email protected](Leftovers)
    -Swords Dance
    -Bullet Punch
    -Aerial Ace

    If the opposing lead is something non-threatening, I just Swords Dance up and usually sweep the rest of the team with Bullet Punch. If it's something somewhat threatening (or a special attacker Latias laughs at) I take a hit and U-Turn away. If I expect a strong Fire-type hit, I switch to either Latias or Salamence (duh). Latias if it's a special hit and Salamence if the hit is physical. And considering we're talking about the Battle Frontier, Aerial Ace should be self-explanatory.
    it smashes Double Teamers to bits and It also gets a nice boost from Technician.

    Next off...

    [email protected](Leftovers)
    -Calm Mind
    -Dragon Pulse

    Latias comes in on something it has no trouble taking hits from and Calm Minds one or two times. Then it's sweeping time with near-perfect neutral coverage from Dragon Pulse and Thunderbolt. Recover can be used after setting up, if the opponent gets a lucky crit or something.

    And last off...

    [email protected](Life Orb)
    -Draco Meteor
    -Fire Blast

    Mixmence. This feels like a filler. :D
    If I feel like both Scizor and Latias would have trouble setting up, or I'm not sure with which one I should set up, I try to get this thing in and try to deal massive damage without setting up. I usually start with Draco Meteor and then Outrage away, depending on the defences and typing of the opponent of course. (Steels get a special treatment from either Fire Blast or Earthquake, and if the defences of the opponent differ greatly from each other, I pick a physical or special move accordingly.)

    Yeah, that's it. Feel free to suggest anything and also ask for any sort of extra info. =)