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Mako Reese

"Weird...I don't remember any of that stuff..." Mako said. He looked around and noted not the darkness, but the noises of his surroundings. There was the beating of something in the distance, it was slow, probably Lucy's heart. There was the inflating and deflating of the girl's lungs, inadvertent salivating from above, and the subtle bumps he felt from her movements. The girl was certainly telling the truth, and Kraus was right, he was indeed inside the stomach of a mysterious girl. Intimidating comments? Sadistic behavior? Groveling in pain? He didn't remember any of that stuff. But still, it was clear that this girl felt threatened by him for the stuff that he supposedly did. "I'm...I'm sorry if I made you and Amethyst feel uncomfortable; I guess I sho....should..." Another name popped up out of nowhere, the name Amethyst. After the realization, a sharp pain came over his head, and then he was conflicted with a large headache. "Ah!" He said with a short and yet transient gasp. Mako put his hand to his head, so as to ease the pain.

"But you saved me, and I'm not "evil", whatever that means, anyway. I really am grateful." Those words suddenly came into Mako's head, like a memory, but without the recollection. It was a feeling that was hard for Mako to explain, he could hear the words, but he couldn't actually see anything. The voice was familiar, but he was sure he'd never heard the voice before, and it was close, almost as if it were him, but the voice was too different from him and he was sure those were words he'd never said before. It felt recent, but Mako was unsure wear the words came from.

"Um..." He said, trying to bring his mind back up to speed. "I...uh...I should introduce myself. After all, this was more my fault than it was yours, and I trust you, even if my Pokespirit doesn't. You saved me, and you're the closest thing I have to an ally right now." He cleared his throat and said "My name is Mako Reese, and my day so far has been...strange to say the least. First I was on a farm harvest berries, then I woke up in Floaroma after a blackout where a man attacked me with a knife, and then I woke up here. I'm not quite sure how all of this happened, you seem to have experienced more of my day than I did.
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