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    Candice Greyson

    What appeared before me was nothing I expected at all. On the big platform sat groups of sky blue blocks, stapled over one another. They were pretty high, and it was very's been a while since I actually did Parkour, so I wouldn't mind trying to climb them all over again! No really, I wouldn't mind. Problem is, with the pressure of the meteor coming down, and my life at stake...I couldn't stop and think.

    There was one block that was peculiar that sat at the tallest pile that caught my full attention. After a few seconds at staring at it, I had the urge to jump from pile to pile towards that peculiar block. Something about it just didn't stop nagging inside me. Wanting to fulfill the need, I climb to the big platform and stand by the piles. There wasn't much time left, so if I was going to go up there, it had to be now.

    Stretching my legs and arms for a minute, Fluffysprite was blinking more and more irregular the more time passed by. In an instant, I let out a high jump and instantly started to climb. Jumping and climbing from block to block, the older days when ever I did this started to run across my head. The positive thoughts clashed with the pressure of the situation, making time pass much faster than I expected. In a minute, I reached the top of the pile. Outside my window I could see the ground start to get red, meaning that the sky should look on fire for the ground to reflect it. Horrified, I snatch the peculiar block and think about how to get back down. Fluffysprite was on the ground, but I couldn't jump while carrying the block, and I had no idea if throwing the block down was such a good idea. Instead, I focused on the items around me. My bed, which was hanging from the wall, wasn't that far away at all. Desperate, I make a faithful leap...the item in my left hand. Successfully getting across, but impacting the wall, a smile crossed my face at the accomplishment. It's been a long while since I felt that much adrenaline, until I realized the distance between the bed and the pile of blocks. It wasn't even that far close that probably even Vieve could jump and land on my bed with safety. Face palming myself over the smile I just made over nothing, Fluffysprite suddenly appears beside me. His face switched so fast that I couldn't make out the colors without staring at him for a few seconds.

    Hopping down my bed, I look at the block on my hand and then at the computer. Vieve has responded not too long ago, right? Wait, what am I thinking? My time is running out! I can respond to her after all this is over!

    Curious if the block was made out of the same material as before, I suddenly do the unthinkable. I threw the block into the ground without a second thought. I blink at the action I just did.

    "What did I just do."