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    Team Destiny


    Hi everyone its Tigerkit300. I have been on Pokecommunity since January and have played a ton of hacks that in the end have make me come to the conclusion of making my own hack. The hacks I've played that have drove me to are Pokemon Light Platinum, AshGrey, and Flora Sky. Team Destiny will consist of mappers, scripters, tileset inserters, spriters and a few more positions. I want this hack, my first one to be one of the most amazing hacks of all time! Everybody is free to join in on my wonderful team!

    Hack Name

    Pokemon Rebel Destiny(Could change in the future)

    Pokemon Rebel Destiny Story

    Just below the Hoenn and Sinnoh region is the Crestic region. As a child, you have lived there peacefully in the town of Aqua. On the day of our 11th birthday, you go to recieve your first pokemon from the proffesor when you get news of Team Feral's plans to take over the Crestic Region. The proffesor gives you your pokemon and you go on a journey to defeat the team before time is up. By the time your reach the fourth gym, you get word of a powerful pokemon helping Team Feral take over the region. From then on, you and the other trainers, and gym leaders must fight to take back the region before it is entirely consumed.


    • New Region
      A new team; Team Feral
      8 gyms and a pokemon league
      Rebel Hideouts
      New Badges
      New Hero's
      Night and Day System
      Return of some old faces


    • Tigerkit300: Mapper, storyboarder, graphic creator, and Creator of Hack

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