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    Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
    if all that hacking prowess had been used for say, Snakewood with its more original story (and maybe refined a little). Was precisely thinking if Snakewood has better graphics/sounds/ASM...perhaps some grimy L4D2/Fallout esque post apocalyptic tilesets/mapping plus better designed sprites for the Fakemon (rather than just recolor), woot. What about custom music relating to zombie themed pop culture? We would easily had ourself a Hack of the Year.

    Felt it was wasted on a hack which already has countless remakes. Already have more than enough my fill of nostalgia playing HGSS/Shiny Gold/LiquidCrystal/Gen2 hacks etc thank you.
    That's sort of missing Cutlerine's point. Snakewood was his successful attempt of showing that a good storyline can make a hack go as far as decent graphics and sprites. But when it comes to ASM, I'm pretty sure that with the twisted Hoenn setting, there could be quite a lot of potential.

    Returning to Crystal Dust. Even though the game is highly refined and is of excellent quality, it sort of lacks in originality. ShinyGold is only famous as it was one of the first attempts at re-creating Johto with a Gen. III engine. Nowadays, there is not only Crystal Dust, several other small attempts at re-making Johto, and ShinyGold, but the official DS remakes (HG/SS), and even the more game-wise advanced Liquid Crystal.

    Dark future also seems interesting with a few original concepts like Snakewood, and I will likely play it once it is finished. Especially since this may be an unique experience, considering how rare are the Gen I and Gen II hacks.

    Like I said above, every hack has its own charms, so this "X hack is the worst hack ever because I didn't like Y." is really getting old.
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