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    Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
    if all that hacking prowess had been used for say, Snakewood with its more original story (and maybe refined a little). Was precisely thinking if Snakewood has better graphics/sounds/ASM...perhaps some grimy L4D2/Fallout esque post apocalyptic tilesets/mapping plus better designed sprites for the Fakemon (rather than just recolor), woot. What about custom music relating to zombie themed pop culture? We would easily had ourself a Hack of the Year.

    Felt it was wasted on a hack which already has countless remakes. Already have more than enough my fill of nostalgia playing HGSS/Shiny Gold/LiquidCrystal/Gen2 hacks etc thank you.
    I'm sorry, but I have to wholeheartedly disagree with you. Snakewood contains a lot of Fakemon in it. For me, a Pokémon hack should still be centered around the Pokémon. Not fake creations (see Quartz, where all 251 got makeovers with their existing stats). And the storyline, while there are interesting elements, takes away from a true Pokémon game by not requiring a Trainer to battle all of the Gym Leaders before the Elite 4. These two differences make it feel less like a Pokémon game. I admit the screenshots look great, but there's something to be said for visiting familiar places.

    You also have to note the other real challenge here. CrystalDust is a remake of Crystal on the platform of EMERALD - I mean, if Diegos wants, he could stick Hoenn Pokémon all over Johto! They're already coded, nothing fake! He has a full 386 Pokémon to play with, and can even create new storylines right in the middle of the Crystal storyline if he wishes (see Millenium Comet with Jirachi, or a way to summon Deoxys by collecting certain items scattered across Johto and Kanto). And they're the real thing, not what Crystal itself would call "Fakemon".

    In other words, I'd say redoing the entire G/S/C game here is a solid effort in the ROM hacking realm. It's definitely not a "waste of time". It's still a beta, not a finished product, and deserves support. Heck, I'm playing it right now as I type.

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